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Insurance is funny...

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by tunaranch, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. ... If you have an accident, they arrange car hire, but not bike hire. What up with that?

    I mean, think about it. The whole reason I ride is that because it's cheap, parking is easy, and when push comes to shove, I can split if needs be.

    I dont WANT to sit in a cage, hearing this *kaching* sound every passing minute, drive around work looking for a park for a period of time almost as long as my journey.

    I mean, really, between driving and catching public transport, public transport is marginally more convenient. (I commute 40k's each way).
  2. Change your Insurer :LOL:

    RACV pays up to $50 a day for whateva vehicle U wanna hire.

    Could be a 3 tricycle U hire for all I care. :grin:
  3. And honestly what a waste it is.
    For a start, you have to purchase/pay extra on your policy to get it (unless your bike is stolen), it's only covered for maximum 14 days, you have to pay for the hire car anyways and get re-imbursed (hope you've got the cash/credit available), and who can get a hire bike (or car) for $50?

    I'll stay with the insurer that doesn't build-in costs into the policy fee or charge extra for close to useless 'features'
  4. Hire Car Cover is $60.50 for 12mths which pays up to $50/day
    for 14 days?

    Its usually optional & not standard cover with Insurers eg. AAMI
    May be different with Insurers whos main business is motorbikes.
    If U dont like it, dont pay for it. Its all optional.

    Why only 14 days U ask? Ezy. Its b/c 9 claims out of 10 are settled
    in that time.

    & who can get a hire bike & car for $50? Let ya fingers do the walking
    & have a look online, or your Insurer may be able to give referrals.

    If your happy with your current Insurer Mouth, then I'm wrapt for
    ya. Each to their own mate. :wink:
  5. if you use hertz car hire you dont pay a cent out of your own pocket with RACV. The bill goes directly to them.
    However.. Dont crash the car at all, your fault or not you still have to pay the horrendous $2000+ excess. Ouch.