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N/A | National Insurance is a funny beast...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by VTRAffair, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Just took out comprehensive again with WQBE, after only inquiring about 3rd party fire and theft.

    The comprehensive was cheaper because I now have my rating 1 NCB finally, and apparently it doesn't effect the cost of the 3rd party insurances...

    Oh well...

    On the road again.

  2. You know what's funny.

    Insurance on an 05 CBR1000R cost me $1300 full comp.

    A year later I bought an 09 Buell 1125CR and full comp only cost $450.

    The Buell is more powerful, lighter and a crap load newer. Figure that one out.
  3. And is much less popular with squids, ginos and assorted other crashers.
  4. Umm, are you sure a Buell is more powerful and lighter than a CBR1000R.

    Edit: Buell 146 hp. CBR1000RR 177hp.
  5. Perhaps the 2005 CBR1000RR was significantly less powerful than whatever model you pulled those figures from?

    Who knows. I'd have banked on the CBR myself also but then again I have almost no time for Buells... mainly because they're different and things that are different scare me.
  6. Easily done Krakan.

    2 of 3 factors you noted have nothing to do with the amount you paid on either occasion.

  7. And handles.
  8. The 05 blade was a heavy beast. It was good for about 140 at the wheel. The 1125 is about 10-15kg lighter and has a 10-15 more ponies (due in part to Erik Buell racing ECM and slip on). The blade also had a power delivery that could lull a baby to sleep, quite a contrast to the Buell. The blade also came with a fancy (and thoroughly awful) electronic steering dampner. The sort of feature that if fitted to a car would reduce the premium for it's safety features.

    Given that my record remained a constant Rating 1 NCB throughout owning both bikes. There's simply no valid reason that the Blade was 3 times the cost to insure.
  9. More people crash blades than Buells, making them higher risk. Full fairings means a lower speed crash causes higher cost repairs and more write offs. (imo and ymmv)
  10. You're on the right track. Blades, for many companies, are associated with high loss ratios and incidence rates. Buells, possibly through merely lack of exposure or not being seen as attractive to some riders, have a comparably lower risk (from the companies point of view).

    Also yes, fully faired bikes often have more or higher cost claims due to the ease of damage.