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Insurance & Helmets.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. This may be a really dumb question, but I have just insured my new Guitars so I thought that I might as well find out :wink:

    With the guitars I have insured them for accidental damage, because they are expensive to both replace and repair. This has got me thinking with Helmets I am thinking of spending about $500 ( is this enough ?) but if I just drop it and it has to be replaced I don't wont to just throw $500 away :D

    So is it possible to insure a helmet or not ?



  2. Yes, it is. Some insurance policies (NRMA does) cover it.

    If you're not at fault, you're covered, as it's recovered by the at fault driver.
  3. Yes QBE does, and your other protective gear as well, make sure you keep receipts.
  4. Not wanting to start something, but generally "just dropping" a helmet doesn't render it unsafe unless your head is in it at the time.
  5. Shannons covers gear as well.
    I've got to renew mine in the next couple of weeks and I've been looking around.

    One advantage of Shannons is that you can pay on a monthly basis and it is only a few dollars more per year.

    They also cover for agreed value - a plus for older bikes

    I'm still shopping around though.

  6. When I was getting quotes I found that Swan cover up to $500 for helmet.
    QBE do not cover for helmet or gear
    Shannons cover for gear (which would include helmet)
  7. Good idea, TimVTR250. Buying a helmet and insuring it is worthwhile, as very few guitars meet AS 1698 and I find it hard to get one that is a good fit. The machine heads chafe after a few kilometres and I get nasty feedback. Electric guitars are particularly problematic as your riding range is limited by the length of the extension cord.