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Insurance for the Suspended.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by bobothebikie, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. Okay, I know insurance has been talked to death, but I promise I looked through most all of the threads, but still cannot find an Insurance company to take my money!

    I have a 1975 Honda CB750 which has had over 15k put into it, but I also have had my license suspended in the past 5 years (for points... no drinking related stuff).

    Shannons and IMR won't touch me because of the suspension. AAMI, GIO, and Swann, wont touch it because the bike's too old, and RACV will only insure it up to 8k, because I didn't use all Original Honda parts when restoring it.

    Is it just me? I'm willing to pay financially for the errors in my ways that led to my suspension in the form of a higher premium, however nobody seems to want my cash!

    For reference, the bike is garaged in the CBD, and has two alarm systems fitted.

    I know its a weird one, but has anyone been in a similar boat at all? Are there any insurers out there for us?

  2. 15K into a CB750!?!? Got any pics?
  3. tried qbe?
    How long ago were the suspensions?
    after 3 years the records are clean regarding lost points.
  4. Yeah, but I think a few insurers don't offer cover if you've lost your licence in the last five years, regardless of points.
  5. Yeahp, tried QBE, was pretty much knocked back straightaway as the fines were in 2007. In regards to the 15k, it really is my baby :) The whole things is brand new, every piece taken apart, put back together again or replaced. It's actually not finished yet, but I'll be posting a full build post on the SOHC forums in mid-december to show the finished product if anyone is interested :)

    The only thing I really care about is theft and accidental damage. I used to live in New York City, and I had a 1971 Vespa (a real one, from Italy) actually disassembled off a double looped kryptonite chain. I woke up and found a pile of nuts and bolts where it was chained to a solid metal post.

    Even though it will be garaged, and has both a sensor alarm and disc alarms I've seen and heard of enough creative theft methods to know better than to leave it at that...

    Seriously all I want is some peace of mind, and I'm happy to pay the price! If anyone has any other recommendations, please let me know :) Thanks again for the responses!

  6. Track down an insurance broker rather than dealing with the comapnies themselves and you might have more luck? Weird they won't touch you at all from just that, you'd think they'd just bend you over with the price.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion DrMat! Who are the actual brokers though? Do you or anyone else know of anyone off the top of your head?
  8. Sorry can't help you with that part, have to make google your friend.
  9. That's odd, my licence was suspended a few years ago for speeding, and I had no problems getting insurance with QBE, although I did have to pay a $300 premium for it.
  10. My claim was in no way affected by my licence suspension. I told them about it and they didn't care. Sweet huh? Still 1700 bucks a year for full comp, although I am a young male on a supersport. Go figure.
  11. What company are you with and how old are you? That's actually a pretty good price for a bike like that.
  12. I am 21 and I am with Arista. They quoted me 1700 (which lasted for 30 days), and when I checked a few weeks later they upped it to around 2700. So naturally I called them up and quoted the original price to them and they said okay. Insure my ride wanted nearly four thousand dollars.
  13. That was lucky! Haven't heard of Arista but will certainly look into them when I upgrade in a few months.
  14. I was thinking the same thing.

    Though it would probably cost more than 15k to get the honda'ness out of it :-$
  15. You could try to get it covered under house & contents, maybe... If you don't ride it, move it into the lounge room & call it "art".

    GIO covered my '81 CX500 for bugger all, '75 is not that much older, suprising that they claim it's too old...
  16. BTW Arista is also known as Famous, or something like that. I went with them purely for the price. If they happpen to be shit to deal with, well then I guess i'll cross that bridge when I come to it.