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VIC Insurance for rider training?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by trd2000, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. I understand insurers generally dont cover track days etc. but i believe some cover bikes while doing rider training courses. does anyone know anything about this?

    My bikes are with Insure My Ride. I'm wondering if they will cover the bikes for any intermediate/advanced rider training or if im better off hiring a track bike or going to HART.

  2. I contacted my insurer (RACV) about this, and was told that I had to notify them in advance, the course couldn't exceed 100kph, and they had to approve in advance to be covered.

    Give your insurer a call.
  3. IMR told me that they would cover HART as it was safety based, but they wouldn't cover CSS this was a couple of years ago.

    But ask them personally as their policy might have changed. I find they respond to email quickly.
  4. IMR will give a discount if you do an approved course. That's unless you are on the base premium already which I am. They have a list of approved courses online. Wheel-Skills Intermediate is one of them but more may be listed or contact them to find out if what you want to do is approved.
    Fairly sure coverage for training courses is covered and in the PDS. I don't think track days are covered at all.
  5. Yeah I got the 5% discount with IMR for doing Hart Advanced.
  6. contacted them.

    they are happy to cover the bikes doing ?HART Advanced, or Top Rider Advanced (where i did q-ride years ago) sadly no CSS...

    now which one to do?

    they also cover stay upright, DECA, and a few others.
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    QBE Covers CSS lvl 1

    As far as AAMI is concerned, I contacted then with link to CSS website.

    This was their response.

  8. I'd check on availability first. You might find Top Rider courses in Vic are a bit limited.
    HART Advanced 1 in Vic includes a Bike or is that optional? Cost goes up with a Bike included for sure.
  9. yeah toprider dont seem to be doing much in vic these days... i could go down to tassie for it though.... or send a bike up to nsw and go visit the inlaws again.

    anyone have any recommendations for courses available in vic....aside from CSS?
  10. They all vary. And even a given insurer may vary form state to state.

    You are going to have to ring your insurer with specific course details and ask.
  11. I don't believe anyone will insure you at CSS. I think it's bullshit as you'll learn more about riding than other 'recognised' courses will teach you.
  12. According to my re-newel, QBE cover me for rider training.
  13. I did this and went further and they said since the courses (hart and CSS) don't specify the top speed limit then RACV would not cover them.

  14. We can cover CSS levels 1 to 3.
  15. Hi Wally, who is we?
  16. Insure my ride also covers CSS Lv1. 2-4 not covered
  17. I have a small insurance brokerage as we specialise in hard to place risk, we offer an annual policy through an overseas insurer that can extend to cover CSS levels 1 to 3 as well as a couple ride days levels.

    There is actually an advert on this website that rotates in the banner section wrsbike or wallacerisksolutions

    You can also enquire with CSS and they will be able to provide information.
  18. Wally = Wallace Risk Solutions.

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  19. Awesome.

    Welcome to NR.
  20. Thanks for the welcome, looking forward to my first CSS at Phillip Island Saturday week.