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VIC Insurance for personal items

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Julles, Oct 5, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I had no accident in recent times and I intent to keep it that way. :)

    I was just wondering about this thing.

    Car vs bike, car at fault, nil injuries to rider. Rider has his $1000 helmet cracked and his 400 jacket + gloves + pants damaged, phone damaged, etc...

    Bike has comprehensive insurance to cover for his bike, but what happens to the rest of the items ? Do you have to go to VCAT for those or you can make a clame somewhere ?
  2. Check your bike insurance... Most companies offer $2000-3000 worth of gear in the insurance package. If you don't have gear cover, just include it. The cost differece is not much but good for peace of mind.
  3. Lazy LibranLazy Libran yeah, just wondering about the difference from insurance or if you don't. Same as with a car vs car and your laptop gets broken ...
  4. Hmmm...unsure about the car part but most bike insurers do offer bike plus gear cover.

    Who are you with?
  5. Swann insurance
  6. Swann by default covers gear as well so you should be able to claim the helmet as well.
  7. This doesn't answer my question. Any other toughts ? Anyone ?
  8. Yes, you should be able to claim it as consequential damage if you are not at fault and have the part identified.
    Tally up the value of the gear (receipts if possible) and get your insurer to send it off to the at fault party.
  9. swann default $500 for helmet and $1000 for gear. You can up it of course. If you are in a bike vs anything, go though you own insurance with all the detail of the person at fault. if you policy covers gear, then claim the gear. let the insurance company do the rest of the work.
  10. swan is helmet $0 whatever the option but still how do you recover your lost $$ from an accident ?
  11. So what exactly is your question?

    Are you talking about replacing the Bike gear (helmet, jacket, pants, boots) or your broken mobile phone?

    Different people have answered it as such - contact your insurance so they can claim it from the other party.

    So what exactly do you want to claim as lost $$$? :)
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  12. Isn't that your answer - either you contact the car insurance company or get Swann to do it for you. You should be able to claim everything (at their current market value which is not necessarily old for new) without any detriment to your own no-claim or future premiums.
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  13. Laptop is generally not covered under motor insurance.

    Phone is generally not covered under motor insurance and the remainder has already been answered by others in the thread.

    VCAT does not hear such cases. Your best bet is to contact the insurer and see if you can come to an agreement, as others in this thread has mentioned.

    Please read your messages before posting. Ensure they are clear and that your questions makes sense.

    The Q has already been answered ie. you speak to and negotiate with the insurer. If you are not able to come to an agreement and have gone through the internal resolution process, you may seek arbitration with FOS: https://www.fos.org.au/

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  14. Without insurance... You go to the at fault party and ask them nicely to pay for your things.

    As an alternative, even if it's a single vehicle accident and you have no gear cover, you home contents policy may extend to covering your riding gear. It would definitely extend to a mobile phone or laptop (as long as you have the appropriate cover).