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Insurance for L riders?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Gobbledegeek, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. I just know I'm going to get old off for this but I did a couple of searches and several pages didn't throw up any decent answers.....

    Insurance for L riders?????

    I'm sure there are a few out there but who? If it helps, I have a new Hyosung 250 coming next week. Any offerings appreciated.

    Ta muchly!
  2. Shannons would not insure me because i was on my L's/ P's.
    I ended up going with AAMI.
  3. I think AAMI in Vic won't insure some motorcycles eg. grey imports as they are not on their list. Your Hyo shouldn't be a problem.

    Otherwise try Western QBE, RACV, Swann (need to go through a dealer tho). Let them know your driving history if you have any, it counts to your road craft.
  4. yeah shannons don't... i'm with AAMI because i got a discount through having a policy for my cage! :grin:
  5. Same here, plus that put me on a rating 5 instead of 6.
    It's costing me around $550 for full comp on a brand new bike.

    Swan Insurance quoted me $1100 and RACV wanted $3000+
  6. swann, western qbe, insuremyride.com.au and another one whose name I can't remember but they're a kinda online one like insuremyride - posted on here somewhere from memory.

    Insurance for a learner as an adult shouldn't be much at all, however if you don't have a driving history (e.g. driving history to get to rating 1 in a car) then you'll always be paying more. don't think you'll get much less without some kind of driving/riding history, to be honest.
  7. I eventually got $365 fully comp with RACV