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insurance for hyosung gt250r

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by GOOSH, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. hey guys, just ordered my electric mango yello gt250r and was wondering which insurance to go for. dont know if my age will help but i want insurance. for a 19 year old it might be much but hopefully not over the top. thanks

  2. give aami a try they gave me some stoopidly cheap quotes recently.
  3. Search the forums by clicking on this pretty coloured text. Then search for insurance, this topic has been covered many times.

    The usual suspects: SWANN, Western QBE, RACV, AAMI and shannons. Call each for a quote. Only then will you find the path to true insurance cover.

    And your age will help, i think they require that. At 19 you may think you're invincible and know everything. Thats cool, you probably did. I know at that age i did. The rest is just experiencing the good stuff..... can someone tell me where i'm going with this?
  4. I paid $284 fully comp but then i'v got ratig one and i'm 33.
    SWANN gave me the best deal.
  5. hey whats the website for swann and where do i find the area for bike insurance on the aami website, cant see it anywhere
  6. well done and welcome to the Hyosung family.

    We are taking over :twisted: :twisted:

    Western QBE gave me the best rate, but I am an old bloke with a rating 1.
  7. so who did you go with? how much? i am 18 looking at the gtr250
  8. ended up with swann but that was ages ago. plus had it insured under my brothers name and me as second rider. cheaper that way.
  9. so to do that who'se name is the bike registered under, yours or his? -obviously he also needs bike licence right? no one in my family has bike licence... dont think it would be possible to insure as second rider in my case =[
  10. definatley go with AAMI
  11. Be aware trouble a-m-i don't give you choice of repairer.
    If you kick up a stink and want your own repairer, they will only pay the amount they can get the bike repaired for by one of their own repairers, so if you have a higher quote, you pay the extra, and they also try to sell it to you by not offering lifetime warranty on the repairs carried out by other repairers..
  12. I just got a quote from them for a GS500F, agreed value of $6300. Premium was $417 all up for a 34yo newbie with a chequered past BUT an intact Rating 1 from the cars. Seems pretty reasonable, insuremyride.com.au were over $500 for the same thing.

  13. we have lost jobs because the owner has had a there choice of repairer before...so i assume they do give you the choice
  14. bike registered in his name and he didnt even have a bike license.
  15. Hey,

    I just shopped around for insurance and the best I quote I got was from QBE...it was a huge difference. NOw I am insuring a Scooter and I am female over 40 and have a rating 1 on my car, so that might be the reason but check it out.

    I tried - AAMI which referred me to Insure My Ride which was around $270

    Shannons which was almost the same, but Insure my ride included insurance for my helmet etc.

    But QBE was a lot less at approx $179.00 - wow!!!

    PREMIUM : $154.00 Annual $15.40 Monthly (Plus $25 Start Up Fee)

    GIve them a try you can call them on Hotline : 1300 762 885 or go to their website - search for motorcycle insurance in australia. I had the website here but I am not sure if thats allowed.

    Of course I have no idea what they are like if you have to make a claim, but I have always used them for my home & contents insurance and even when I had business insurance.

    In fact they guarantee the lowest prices.

  16. I have Swann and they're not bad although I think you have to get it through a dealer, not sure.

    Just changed insewerance for my car to QBE, they were 200 bucks cheaper than anyone else. Will be getting a quote on my new bike from them when I get it in a couple of weeks.

    And they are major sponsors of the mighty Swans so it's all good! :grin:
  17. im 24 on rating one, and still a learner and my gt250r is insured by western qbe for around $515
  18. any particular reason?
  19. aami give you a VHA cab ride to pick up your vehicle,they constantly update you with progress,they hassle the repair shop almost daily :D It seems they care for there customers a lot more
    from a repairer's point of veiw they are far better as they atleast notify us when we won or lost a job, they pay faster,they do not suggest that we should repair wheels( unlike other companys,so its better for the clients safety) they dont knock our figures around,They also notify us with authorisation (we have had jobs finished before getting authorisation from other companys...hell i have even rang them weeks to find out about a job and they said "oh....ummmm yes we have lost the quote...can you refax it?")Many of our customers have changed from others to aami after making a claim and being totally screwed around...we like to give extras to our customers and when using a majority of other insurance companys we always lose out because they want us to cut back...and i have never come across an assesor thats on the take in AAMI :D
  20. I have seen many quotes at AAMI assessment centres from repairers, that are very cheap compared to what the quote would ordinarily be if done the conventional way, ie: at a repairers shop, and the assessor comes out.
    Just like any insurer AAMI will chop qoutes up, and reduce times where possible, but I think AAMI repairers know the competitive basis on which they are quoting, so cheapen the quote as far as possible in order to have reasonable chance of winning the job, where as conventionally, the vehicle is at the repairers and there it will stay if the customer so wishes.

    As for hassling the repairer daily, well that just leads to rushing, and job quality is bound to suffer and corners likely to be cut.

    Something to bear in mind.. There is no such thing as a good job cheap!