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Insurance for first bike ??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by iamvinhy, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. planning on getting a late model ZX2R Kawasaki ..

    whats the best company for insurance in SYD?
    ..does it include helmet damage etc?

    how much a year est. ?

    thankz :LOL:
  2. visit nrma.com.au and get an online estimate - it will be ballpark anyway.

    if you aren't paying a lot for the bike (<$5k) then you might consider only getting 3rd party (if the premiums are sky high for full comp)
  3. Ahh insurance... another rip off... get 3rd party fire and theft... %70 of bikes that get writen off only require one year worht of payments to fix them... so if you crush in the first year and pay $1000 insurance and $500 premum you are $500 out of pocket coz insurance people spend $1000 fixing your bike!!!
  4. yeah I was planning on 3rd party.. seems the most reasonable to me..

    thanks lord n dan :LOL:
  5. Does nrma offer fire and theft option, i was going to call a few places but I did an estimate on 3rd party insurance and it didnt say that it did?!
  6. Yeah your gonna be restricted to 3rd party without doubt on that bike cause of your age, its just too expensive ay. Its the same for me.

    Just remember to absolutely make sure you keep the thing secure!!!! Bikes are just too easy to steal. You hear too many stories that poor bastards invest in a bike for fun and it gets knocked off in a week.
  7. what are the best types of security for it? (sports bike)
  8. Alarm... or make it look realy unatractive by crushing it several times coz you forgot to take the disk lock lol
  9. Haha nice work, I almost did that tonight!!! I was warming my bike up and rather than stopping it to take the keys out i just took the key off the hook thingy so that my baby could keep warming up :D

    I think this could be the start of an unhealthy obsession!! lol

    By the way what are the options as far as alarms go? ie how much cause i'm a bit paranoid atm... :shock:
  10. I have never put an alarm on a bike... but it is So easy to make a hiden engine kill switch...
  11. thankz jack
  12. so basicly how much u pay for alarm,???

    but alarm doesnt cover the Di#$ heads that "accidentally" push the bike ova, which results as a few hundred for replaceing the fairing!!!!!
  13. With all this insurance talk, I went out and got myself covered by RACV. Comprehensive cover for $430 with a $400 excess.

    Dont know if that is too much, will have to do the ring around today :D
  14. If the only reason you are paying for the alarm is to reduce the premiums, you shouldn't bother. Cost expensive and the reduction in premiums negligable.
    I got full comp/agreed value on learners for CB250 from Swann for $320. They reduce premium by 5% with the alarm ($16).
    However, if the reason you want an alarm is for theft prevention then a different story. But go for an engine immobiliser, disc lock and steering lock(if the bike doesn't already have one). The only way the bike can be nicked then is if someone comes along with a trailer and physically lifts it on to it.
  15. Mmmhh, sounds like I will be giving Swann a ring today :?
  16. It has been done... many times... lol I saw a security tape from chadstone shoping center (just b4 christmas). Five guys jump out of a 4x4 with a large trailor. four grab a bike and put it on the trailor. one ties it down. while the others grab the next one... they took 5 bikes in just under a minute and a half...
  17. Yeah, I know it can be done. It's the only way it can be done if you got the locks etc. Someone can't jump on and ride it off, or wheel it down the road. What I meant was that unless you're organised like these guys then the probability of your bike getting nicked it greatly reduced.
  18. and if they are going to put that much effort into it, i would imagine even chaining the thing up would have little effect if you were doing it reguarly and they wanted to take it...
  19. I got comp insurance for my lil spada for around $500 per year through Honda Insurance. My boyfriend just bought a CBR250RR today, so I thought I'd call em to get a quote = $1900!! I then called NRMA who quoted a far more reasonable $863. NRMA takes into account driving record and didn't even ask how long he'd been riding for (on his L's).

    Pays to shop around.