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VIC Insurance for after-market mods

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Jaykay4tay, Mar 18, 2015.

  1. Hi guys'n'gals,

    I have a query about the eligibility of insurance cover on a bike that has been customised with only but a few small, and cosmetic after market modifications.

    In other words, if a bike passes its RWC conditions in "as is" condition, and then becomes registered, and insured "as is", will the rider be covered in case of an accident/theft etc if he/she decides to remove the rear fender or replace the stock exhausts thus rendering the "as is" condition as altered?

    I ask because if a bike is to get a RWC, this then involves hundreds of photos being taken of the bike's parts and overall condition, and I wonder whether this is a new strategy that mechanics need to employ in order to protect insurance companies from such possible claims?

    Many thanks in advance!
  2. depends on the insurer. from memory swann want details of mods and RACV just want it roadworthy.
    the photos for the roadworthy are to stop dodgy roadworthies being issued.
  3. I've never had any inspector take any photos of my cars or bikes in prob 100 pink or blue slips that I've done over the years
  4. Possibly because it's a Vicroads requirement now.
  5. Nothing to do with RWC, they just want a clear picture of your risk profile so they can charge you accordingly. Aftermarket exhausts and fender eliminators are regarded as a pointer to potential increased risk.

    Of recent times I've just rung up Swann and told them of anything that I thought might interest them. They've just made a note of it and that was the end of it, but my mods are hardly performance enhancement or 'fuly sik' so I wouldn't expect them to do anything else.
  6. I recently went through a claim with swann (low sided the day before new years :facepalm:)
    My bike had an aftermarket Yoshi exhaust just put on it & it got scratched up pretty bad.
    But once the claim got accepted & quotes where in, everything damaged got swapped for new parts, including a brand new Yoshi exhaust.

    Hope this helps
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    Yup. I know someone who (before the changes) got a roadworthy or two by phone.

    EDIT: I suspect it would actually be bothersome for an insurance company to get hold of said photos; they'd have to find out who did the roadworthy by either asking the owner (and if it's second hand, they may genuinely not know) or hassling Vicroads (who might not be enthusiastic about dealing with thousands of requests, if it's a regular practice). Once they have the source of the certificate, there's still the matter of getting the workshop to cough it all up, which may not be straightforward or quick.
  8. The assessor has the bike to look at so they don't need the photos.
  9. I see, that makes sense. I appreciate your insights guys.

    Cheers huh
  10. But the question was whether pictures from a RWC might be used by an insurance company. My point was that it'd be far more effort than it's worth (ignoring edge cases, which is quite reasonable). What you say does complement it, though: why go to the trouble of that when the assessor can, y'know, assess whether there were any mods that would have contributed to the incident (and whether or not any present mods line up with what the company has been informed of).
  11. any modification that is undeclared to the insurance company runs the risk that they will decline a payout at the very time you need them to be on your side. All it takes is a quick phone call to log the details, and in the case of cosmetic improvements they probably won't even increase the premium.

    does the mod make it unroadworthy? well you've already made the decision to take a chance with the police/RTA/VicRoads etc any of whom could pull you over at any time for having an unroadworthy vehicle, so I guess it's your call with the insurance company.