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Insurance for a VTR250

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by nibor, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. hey guys, just wondering what everone else is paying for their VTR250, if you have comp or only 3rd party, who you're with, n all that jazz. im male, under 21, no rating (only on the car Ls :p ). i just wanna figure out roughly what im gonna be up for once i get the bike :grin:

    P.S. was at the bank today, should have a loan sorted n approved within 2 weeks! :grin: pay off debts to mum for gear haha, n get me my baby! :)

  2. alot :p

    i'm paying 189 per year for 3rd party only, and i get a 20% discount because of my car.

    i think i was quoted around 8 - 900 for comprehensive....

    i'd get comprehensive if i was buying a brand newie...
  3. There are too many factors involved for anyone to be of any real assistance to you.

    Your best bet is to ring around. Get quotes from everyone for full comp and third party (just in case). Leave QBE to last, as they will beat your lowest premium quote.

    You'll find that quotes vary widely from insurer to insurer, and from year to year. You'll need to stay on top of it, but doing so will pay off!
  4. +1 !

    No harm in ringing up 'hypothetically', either. When I was checking insurance, etc, pre-emptively... I found a "representative example" of each bike I wanted - a 1999ish Hornet 250, a 2000 VTR, a 1996ish CBR250RR, etc... and just rang up and got the insurers to quote on each bike. It was a few weeks later that I actually bought a bike and got the final quotes.
  5. Just bought a '07 VTR 250. I'm over 25 and live in rural Victoria. With QBE and pay $313 full comp.
  6. I pay about 320 for comp, insured for $6K (which I'm not impressed about but hey, got bigger things on my mind at the moment)
  7. i pay 190 with NRMA, thats with a 30 percent no claim bonus, no crashes, two speeding fines. im 20. id pay 170 with IMR but for the extra 20 bucks id prefer NRMA.

  8. Wow the bank only said two weeks!

    if your getting a loan from the bank and they use the bike as security you must have Comprehensive insurance.

    even if they dont stiplute that you must comprehensively insure the Bike, and its crashed etc, you still have to service the loan, and pay for the bike to get fixed or replaced, some people find it hard to come up with the excess, and if that does happen you will hurt your credit rating.

    the moral is

    Comprehensive Insurance on the Bike is a must

    Based on your age, the bike etc should be around $900 or so.
  9. i'm 22, and full comp for my brand newie with swann is just over $1100. HRCA said they can do something like $780, so I'll be switching to them.

    are you going to be buying brand new, or second hand?
  10. second hand. unless u find me a brand newy for <$6.5k :p

    definately getting comp too, i cant afford the bill if/when i crash it, assuming its anything worth claiming for. the bike will not be security for the loan, so that's all good.

    im looking at from '01 and anything newer, only limited by cost. if its not already on it, ill be buying a screen, and rack of some brand. probably a can eventually too :grin:

    hmm hopefully it will be around $800-900, i really dont want over $1k.

    wish my tax return would come sooner!!

    thanks for all those who have replied so far :)
  11. $660 for full comp for me (23, male, no priors, no ratings) with Swann. Got a 2004 VTR250 and its insured for $7000.
    Like everyone said, ring around and bargain
  12. when youre ready drop me a line

    and ill see what i can do