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Insurance for a Learner

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by spongesam, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. I'm getting insurance on my bike...

    It's a GPX250...

    I haven't had insurance on anything before(car or anything)...

    Called my credit union... who usually give "great prices"... and i was quoted $477...

    That's for 3rd party fire and theft!

    Is that the going rate? Cos I have no idea...

    anyway, i'm going to call around a bit more...

    but yeah, i'm wondering if you guys know of good deals?
  2. You sure it was for third party fire and theft, I didn't think many insurers offered that for bikes - if it was tell us who it was. Straight 3rd party insurance should be cheap, there's a limit to how much damage a 250 can cause (certainly less than a car under similar circumstances).
  3. I think you should get a few quotes, there are a couple of places with online quote facilites, otherwise email/call them and ask them, I have Comprehensive Insurance with WesternQBE and they are pretty good.

    Because your on a small bike, your insurance shouldn't be too bad, I can't remeber exactly but mine is pretty reasonable (Yamaha Zeal FZX250)

    Western QBE http://www.motorcycle-insurance.com.au/

    Shannons (A Real Choice of Insurer :p ) http://www.shannons.com.au/

    Hope they help
  4. Fire and theft is always going to be dear around 2/3 of full comp I think.
    I had just 3rd party on my zxr250 that was around $190.
    That price isn't too bad, shop around and see what others will offer you price wise, than you'll find out what's a good price for you.
  5. Mate - for fun :grin: i decided to go on the AAMI website (a few days ago) and see what i could get for 3rd Party Fire and Thieft on a $600 postie bike.

    They said $400 per year plus a $400 excess! :shock: And that was for a $600 second hand postie bike! :shock: (that has a top speed of 70KPH :p ) Go onto their website and get a quote!

    Also doesnt the "partner discounts" section of this website help with any of this????

    It may help :roll:
  6. Never has insurance before, riding a bike and your only 21 - you aint gonna get a very good deal on insurance, you are in the highest risk catagory they have, whats your driving record like?

    Not much you can do but start paying, it will cheaper over the next 4 years. One tip i have is each 6 or 9 months switch insurance companies, and when you are on the phone getting a quote, tell them you will only move over to them iff they bump your rating or give you some good discount - this only aplies to full comp policies, and only after 12 months.

    I had a shit driving record and it took me ages to even be able to get insurance, and then years to get the price down...
  7. Just a quck note - Shannons wont insure anyone under the age of 25.

    This is what i got from their website

    Does your car/bike qualify for an online estimate?
    We can provide you with a quote on-line if:
    It is in good repair (except for Laid Up cover only)
    It is for private use
    You are the registered owner of the car/bike
    All drivers/riders are aged 25 years or over
    Sorry, we do not offer insurance if:

    Your car/bike is used primarily for business use, or
    Your car/bike has not been insured in the last 30 days, or
    Any of the drivers/riders have lost their licence in the last 5 years, or
    Any of the drivers/riders made more than 2 motor claims in the last 5 years or
    Any of the drivers/riders have had more than 3 traffic infringements &/or offences (excluding parking fines) in the last 5 years
    You are currently bankrupt or in receivership.
    If you do not meet these criteria, please call us on 13 46 46 as we may still be able to help you.

    Hope it helps
  8. Aah my bad, as I said I'm with Western QBE, call them they have an standard excess of $350, and an under 25 excess of $300. yeah it is pricey but as jimmythehuman mentioned, you gotta start somewhere and you are in "The Highest Risk" Category...
  9. Edwardthegreat is right - The 1st timers are young and are really high risk! (the same with P's on cars - insurance is so high in comparison with gold drivers). They say learners in cars are the safest drivers on the road (bc they have a gold passenger) - If only it was the same for motorbikes.
    This quote was from some motorcycle crash statistic book - From the RTA (called rta_motorcycle_icm.pdf)

    About half of the motorcycle riders killed and injured on NSW roads
    are aged 17-29 years.This proportion has been decreasing over the past
    five years.

    Its a bugger hey! - Damn those stastics
  10. cheers for your thoughts :)

    i'll shop around... worst comes to worst... i don't get insurance til next payday...

    *mumbles*stupid monthly pay!

    i'll let you know how i go
  11. At least get 3rd party only $80 for me, that way if you stack into a beemer you don't have to declare bankruptcy
  12. Sam, go to western QBE.

    My insurance is Full Comp $464 for a learner on a GT250R Hyosung.
  13. i was quoted about that much as well when i was on the hyosung...
    and that was with racv..
    hmm if kishy was here he would be able to confirm that lol
  14. i paid $289 fully comp (with swann) on my Hyo GT250, Ah, the joys of being a bit older
  15. OK try 2 places only.. Western QBE and Swann.. forget about the rest you will be better off not wasting your time..
  16. $560 for full comp with RACV.... Ive got a ZX2R with no prior insurance history.
  17. I got my VTR250 full comp for a tad under $400 from Swann,
    Age 23
    On my car:
    60% no claim
    No prior at fault claims
    A few(8) infractions....oops
  18. what's swanns website guys? :)


    iv'e not had any insurance history... :(

    had no speeding fines or anything... only had a fine for not displaying p's... does that effect anythign? (me thinks not)
  19. i can't seem to find where to get a quote for a motorcycle on the AAMI site - am i missing something obvious?
  20. I have my insurance with AAMI at the moment.

    The Across was about 500 for full comp, and 70 for 3rd party.

    The SV650S is about 900 for full comp.

    The joys of being young, high insurance costs.

    All the other insurance companies were about double AAMI.

    Once again, it varies from person to person, all based on statistics which 84.345% of all are made up :p