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QLD Insurance for a daily rider ?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by VladTepes, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Well I have my car insured with Shannons and on the basis they offer bike insurance I rang them.

    What a useless pack of buggers.

    For them to cover it, the bikes has to be garaged every niht, and locked up in a secure car park, shed or garage every day while at work..WTF ?!

    Apprently they are only interested in people who meet these requirements and are just weekend riders, not commuters. ](*,)

    Anyway with this in mind, can people please recommend some insurers that will be more sympathetic?

    Looking to isnure a GSX1400 for $10K (for example).
    May not always have access to lock up garage and cdertainly can;t lock it up when at work.

    Oh and it would be nice if any potential insurer was known for paying claims rather than refusing them !

    So I would greatly appreciate any advice that people can offer. After all, if I'm going to byuy a bike I'm going to want to get full comprehensive on it from the time I ride it away from the vendors place.

  2. Swann Insurance.
  3. Western QBE.
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    QBE are the cheapest for me, so long as it's not off-street parked at night.
  5. see if you can get a package deal with whoever does your house and car. I have all mine with RACV (here in Vic) and its much cheaper.
  6. Swann Insurance. My bike is kept in an open carport, and I commute in to work during the week. The premiums are very reasonable too.
  7. QBE have ben good with me.

    For what it is worth, I spoke with Shannons recently and they didn't mention anything like those requirements while at work. Sometimes a second call gets different answers... i'd sure be checking out the PDS though!
  8. Shannons have pissed me off two years running in the past. I "don't fit their demographic" apparently. Let's see; I ride mostly on weekends, but also around town sometimes during the week. I don't commute. My bike is always kept in a locked garage at night. It has an immobiliser. My bike was two and three years old at the times I inquired. I don't race, or do track days. My bike is a Sports Tourer Ducati, so an instant classic. Also, I'm old. I live in a "safe" neighbourhood.

    What is their demographic? They wouldn't tell me. I think it is people who already have some insurance with them, based on what friends say, so you should have been accepted. Strange way to run an insurance firm.
  9. CBR250RR (most crashed learner bike- but i'm not a learner, i'm just broke)
    daily ridden
    kept outside at work, outside at home with option of a lockup garage if i can be bothered
    insured for more than i paid for it

    and yes i have had to claim with them, aside from their repairer being a total numpty everything went smoothly. IMR jumped on the repairer's head when they screwed up
  10. Same here. In fact, when I first enquired with Swann insurance online, there was no difference in the premium for having the bike garaged or in the carport. I also find their premiums absolutely reasonable, but had no claims history with them yet.
  11. QBE also do a small discount for NR
  12. InsureMyRide handle daily rides and on-street parking.

    Shannons do handle daily ridden and commuter bikes, however their criteria for customer take up is set to mostly motor enthusiasts. If the only thing you are getting insurance for is a modern bike, it may be a bit tricky. Originally they were set up for motor clubs and vintage car enthusiasts. Their modern vehicle book is really just set up to take on the other vehicles of their customer base.

    This could be why you are having trouble getting cover with them. Although if you are told it is strictly due to commuting or riding frequently, I'd ask the consultant to check with their team leader.
  13. Have you tried AAMI? I have my car and bike insured with them.
  14. Thanks all
  15. Did an online quote from Swann came to $550 ish. Too much IMHO for a $10K bike, 41 year old rider. One of the q's it asked was how many at fault claimms I've had and I did have one about 2 years ago. This probably makes a difference but surely I can do better than that. I'll have to ring on the telephone apparatus when the time comes.
  16. Make sure you check the exact date. If they ask about claims in the last two years, and your claim was two years and one day ago, you don't have to tell them about it.