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insurance for 99 r6

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by MYToyGE, May 19, 2008.

  1. hey all im chasing insurance on my 99 r6.
    i have looked in the 'search' tab for feed back on some of the major companies but i realy haven't found the answers i was looking for.

    basicaly i want what everyone wants:
    *Agreed value
    *Reasonable excess
    *The peace of mind that all claims are sorted in a timely fashion
    *A good pay out/repair history ect..

    I just want some feedback from the people who actually use the product..

    thanks everyone who reads and replies to this.

  2. I tend to sing the praises of Western QBE whenever the subject of insurance comes up. I'm on my third bike with them, and have been very happy with the service, price and features. Haven't had to make a claim yet (fingers crossed) so can't report on that side.
  3. thanks bravus ill keep them in mind!
  4. I've always had good experiences with Western QBE as well. They were also fairly fast when I had a lowside a few years ago.

    They don't do monthly payments though so if you want that option look elsewhere.
  5. Actually they do now, just in the last couple of months.
  6. ........
  7. One thing to also remember when taking out insurance, is to check out what kind of additional cover they offer. Some insurers will pay for your helmet if your in an accident, others won't, and some have different limits as to what they will pay.

    Just another thing to keep in mind when looking at premium costs
  8. From my understanding Swann Insurance offer coverage as an optional extra which you would need to pay an additional premium for.

    At least they did when i was looking for insurance.

    Also there are differences in the standard cover for helmets if they are stolen or damaged in an incident. From two covers i have used, CGU only cover up to $250 for a helmet, whereas SGIC/NRMA will cover up to $500 for a helmet.

    So i was just trying to make a point of also looking at the limits of cover on a policy when judging which is the most cost effective for the OP.
  9. Just note that western QBE outsources the monthly repayments to a third party. QBE fails to warn you that it costs between $100 - $200 extra. Unfortunately i can't remember the exact figure but i remember it being enough for me to bite the bullet and just pay it outright.
  10. thank you peoples you were very informative.