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Insurance for -25, L's, First bike, Import. - LOL!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by MattyB, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. for an 89 CBR250RR, 20yo, first bike, L's.
    I've tried

    QBE - wants $2000 with $500 excess
    NRMA- no
    RACV - no
    AAMI - no
    shannons - no.

    i give up, i'll just buy 2 more locks and chain my bike up like a manic.
  2. firstly thats farked... secondly fit a jaycar alarm easy and has that ominus red led blinking..
  3. What about the 3rd party insurance?

    Full comp. insurance premium will make no sense for you (and your bike).
  4. I'm 21, female and have 3rd party through Swann. It's setting me back $200 a year.

    AAMI quoted me $442 for comprehensive.

    I'm stumped as to why they'd knock you back. That's rediculous.
  5. hrm, seems i got the blunt end :\

    if i get 3rd party, i want fire and theft. otherwise it's pointless.

    very slim chances of doing $1000 worth of damage to a car
  6. yeah very slim...like a taillight on a new beema/merc probably more than that
  7. If you get third party, fire & theft there won't be much $$$ difference to Full Comp from my experience...
    I ended up just getting 3rd party coz there was no way I was going to pay $2k for insurance :roll:
  8. I paid ~$500 for my VTR comprehensive through QBE (<25, 'inexperienced rider').

    Crazy what a difference an imported sports bike makes, especially the 250rr.

    Saying that I do have a rating one.
  9. ummm i'm 22 on l's, my zxr250c 92 is insured for around $450 a year with aami, maybe they just don't like hondas
  10. Not looking forward to attempting to insure my 600 at 21.....

    Oh no...not at all.
  11. please get at least 3rd party, sux when someone farks your sh1t up and cant pay for their mistakes.

    Youll just cause everyone else headaches if you prang it.

    As for the $1000 worth of damage, what if you drop it going round a bend, it slides into the car coming the other way, jambs up good and proper then bursts into flames.
    Fix that for a thousand bux and youll be doing well.
  12. I would get a 3rd party cover at least....
  13. Get third party ($88 bucks + $30 for a huge chain and lock) and if you can ever afford it upgrade to full comp later on.
  14. Wait up and speak to the Swann dealer guy.

    Insurance is such a weird game, the quotes vary wildly from agent to agent of the same bloody insurance company.
  15. Might be because you don't have 21 years worth of testosterone running through your body.

  16. First bike your pretty much damned if you do and damned if you don't when it comes to insurance. The best advice i can give you is to definitely get 3rd party (non f&t) which should be ~$100 depending on who you go through. Spend the rest of your money on the following...

    1. A jaycar alarm. ($50-80)
    2. A disc lock (or 2 if your paranoid and enjoy disc locks). (~$20ea)
    3. A big ass chain and lock if you park near a pole. (~$70)

    If your looking at insurance because you think it'll work out cheaper if you damage the bike... think again. By the time you've dealt with the under-25 excess, inexperienced excess and the excessive excess you might as well just get friendly with the wrecker and a spray shop and fix it up yourself!

    Just so you know, fairings are ~$150-200 a piece plus painting. For $2000 you can pretty much destroy every panel on the bike, bend the forks, bend the front disc, damage a rim, and smash an instrument cluster. If you can do all of that in one crash your doing well to walk away from it, which means that riding the bike again will be the last of your concerns.
  17. Holy FArrrrk,

    that sux matty, I'll be joining u there very soon... cept i'm 22... let us know if u manage to get a better deal yeah? you're not financed obviously? they require full comp if u r financed don't they?
  18. *cough* You didn't check insurance costs before you decided on a bike?

    I wish you all the best in keeping it upright if you can't afford insurance then. I strongly suggest you look at third party, damaging other people's property or causing injury might end up finacially ruining you for life.

    This is why nakeds (at sub $300/yr comp) are good learner bikes for those on a reasonable budget.
  19. I think they require comp insurance if its a secured loan, not too sure that an unsecured loan requires that. However they may decise to make that part of the conditions of the loan either way.
  20. Sorry for resurecting an old thread...but I was too damn pleased:

    Western QBE full comp: $470, excess $350
    Under 25
    Used as commuter + leisure