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Insurance expertise needed

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by rsser, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. Hi folks,

    Dropped the bike. Oggy knob bent right back and trashed the engine mount. (Mount overlaps the frame so can't see what damage there might be under there.)

    Is this the sort of thing that means a kind of automatic engineering write-off?

    Or do the $$ still have to add up and top the agreed value I had her insured for?

    Head casting alone is $3,300.

    Then there's front mudguard, alternator cover, half the fairing, topbox, mirror, seat cowl and a few other odds and ends. Parts and labour need to amount to $14k for a write off. It's an '04 Triumph Sprint ST with all the fruit salad.

    Yeah, I know, 'take it to the mech' but he's on holidays, I don't trust anyone else and I'm wondering whether I should be researching what the next ride will be!

  2. An "engineering write off" would need to be something like a snapped frame.

    What you have sounds repairable.

    Labour will probably be the biggest component. I can certainly see $9k from what you have written. after that you need an expert and a calculator
  3. No it doesn't. Remember they sell the wreck at the auctions.

    So if parts + labour < 14k - wreck sale price, you get the repairs. Otherwise it goes to the auctions and you get paid back.

    Frame damage normally means the assessor will flag it as a stat write-off.
  4. Did the "oggy knob" do its job, or did it compound the damage to the bike?
  5. Thanks folks.

    Appreciate your experience.

    Thanks Ibast; hope it's not a write-off so maybe the numbers will work in my favour. Have spent too much time on suspension setup and otherwise customising it.

    Yes, was thinking of stat write-off when talking about engineering write-off.

    MJT57: the bike has had a couple of side stand roll-offs where the oggy knob did the job fine. This case it was a front-end washout on gravel at about 25-30kph and the leverage of the knob mount sleeve did the damage to the engine mount. After this I would be thinking v. carefully about the mechanics of using them again!
  6. From past experience with cars, I believe that after 60% of the insured value the bike becomes an economic write-off (not worth repairing without the right connections to cheap parts etc and someone willing to do the work below normal rates) in which case they will auction it and pay you out.

    Otherwise, they will fix it and give it back to you much to your demise. Unfortunatly no matter how reputable the repairer is they never get it up to a standard that YOU are happy with.
  7. Thanks Sketchie,

    that's why I'm waiting 3 weeks for 'my mech' to get back from holidays!

    Insurance policy offers choice of repairer.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I've seen the arguments for and against oggy knobs (I wonder where they got the name from). All the "motionless" falls that my bikes have experienced, they're usually sustained damage such as scratched muffler, bent lever, etc. that an oggy knob wouldn't have prevented. This may also depend on the style of the bike, too, where some may have fairing and other bits and pieces that may benefit from one of these devices.

    And then there are the offs such as yours, where an impact on the frame from a sharp point could prove problematic. Hence my scepticism of their worth.

    Anyway, good luck with the repairs, mate. A mate had a similar speed off two weekends ago on the Chum Creek Road. Aside from his broken collar bone, his bike suffered minor damage. Cracked fairing, broken blinker and mirror, all on the left where the bike (GSX-R1000) hit the ground. All repairable, so insurance won't be an issue.
  9. Depending on which insurance company it is ,,bikes write off at about 50 percent of market value as the salvages reached at auction are quite high.If you do not wish for the bike to be repaired suggest you contact the assessor direct and let him know ,failing that the best guy for triumph repairs i dealt with as an assessor was in stubbs st kensington ,,cant remember his name tho ,,he was very thorough.
  10. Yeah, Charlie at Turn One. He's the one on holidays :(