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Insurance experience with Arista/Famous?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by AhrimaaN, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. I believe Arista is now known as Famous Insurance, and they both give decent rates of insurance... They are both underwritten by Calliden, who are participants in the Ombudsmen Service.

    But I'm wondering does anyone have any stories of trying to claim etc from them? Can anyone confirm that Arista is Famous?

    Any opinions either good or bad with this company? As I'm looking to them for my next insurance payment... (still a whopper but what can a new rider do?) I've learnt my lesson from not having full comp.
  2. Just wondering if you ended up getting insurance with Famous and what you think of them?

    I am thinking of going with them in late July and would also like a bit of feed back before I do.
  3. I got a pretty good quote from them, I will be going with them when my knee recovers enough for me to ride.

  4. I got a good quote from them and insured with them because they offered good rates for mature riders.

    My experience when I had a claim, however, was not quite as peachy. The bike was cosmetically damaged, and still rideable, but it was written off.

    It later appeared on ebay being sold by someone who I have been told has a close association with the company that does the assessing. I have since heard of several other riders who have had similar experiences.

    Caveat emptor.
  5. Interesting to hear what people think of the premiums. The quote I got from famous was over $330 more than anyone else. Suppose it all depends.
  6. Is that a problem if you received the amount it was insured for? All i'm saying is that if my bike was written off and I recieved the write off money (which in my case would be $13,000 for a bike I paid $12,500 for and have since used for a year), I wouldn't really care what the bike (which is now their property and their's to do what they see fit with) is used for.

  7. Yes, I did get what it was insured for, but my point is that I believe it was needlessly written-off. Add to this the other similar stories that I have heard about this company/assessors and the number of times that similar stories are surfacing leads me to issue the warning to be careful in dealings with them.

    They MAY be straight up, but some anecdotal evidence suggests to the contrary.
  8. RC, did you tell anyone?
  9. Right. Hmmm. Well if that is the case then I don't think i'll be too worried. I mean I'm in love with the model, and not the actual bike! If my bike was written off, then put on eBay, I reckon I would put a bid on, imagine if they paid me out then I bought it back off them way cheap!

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  10. MitchRohr my thoughts exactly :)
  11. Necromancer of the year award contender #1

    Revival of a 7 year old thread - pretty well done!