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Insurance...Do you have it?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bamm-Bamm, Nov 29, 2008.

  1. Full comprehensive

  2. Third party fire and theft

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  3. Third party only

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  4. None

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  1. After reading a few of the threads about accidents and the people involved not having insurance I thought I would post up a poll to see what kind of insurance motorcyclists have...

    I think it will be interesting to see how many people are actually riding without it


  2. My mother in law is my broker. Got a great deal, in comparison to what else was on offer.
  3. not wanting to hijack this thread, but would also like to know what insurance company you use. I got quotes from a few and found swan was the cheapest(full comp)
  4. Full comp... QBE.
  5. Haven't got a ride at the minute but insurance is a no brainer as far as i'm concerned. Son has full comp, and I've had full comp on all bikes i've owned, new and second hand, as they are expensive to get fixed. Even a low speed fall in your driveway can do substantial damage. Forget to remove your disc lock*? Go and price an OEM front brake disc, and if you're unlucky enough, price the calliper while your at it.

    Many yrs back I looked at a CBX750 with a damaged throttle. A new throttle handle alone was around the $350 mark. I bought the GPX I saw instead :grin: .

    *Yeah, I did do this :roll: . Kawasaki wanted $600(ZZR1100) just for the replacement disc. I went for after market at half the price + labour.

    BTW: All the above's only half the story. Don't have insurance? Make sure you don't clobber someone's Ferrari, that'll be a whole new nightmare :wink: .
  6. Just got the VTR insured though Ebike Insurance full comprehensive for $34 a month

    Bike covered for 8500 and 4000 on riding gear, very easy to deal with, as well as followed up with phone calls when they said they would :)
  7. Full comp, Western QBE.
  8. Well Bamm-Bamm my take on insurance goes like this:

    About 30 odd years ago when I got a licence I decided that I am a better rider/driver than the insurance actuaries allow for. Added to which, insurance companies are famous for wriggling out of their responsibilities, and arguing all the way to a final payout. The insurance companies primary responsibility is to its shareholders, not its policy holders.

    So I elected not to pay any comprehensive vehicle insurance, and with the $$$ I havn't handed over to an insurance company in that time I could now replace my fleet of various 4 & 2 wheeled vehicles at least twice over. :shock:

    All the inevitable bingles over the intervening years have been sumarily dealt with by dragging the damaged vehicle into the shed and just fixing it. Even working overnight to get the show back on the road, because I couldn't afford the downtime involved with prevaricating insurance companies.

    Whilst I don't particulalry see why I should have to take responsibilty if someone else with more money than brains buys a $300k car, the fact is that I could be liable for it, so I have third party.

    Of course it goes without saying that for some individuals comprehensive insurance is money well spent. I just hope they are not in my lane. :)
  9. None. But I really should take out Third Party Fire and Theft.
    Some of the "enthusiasts" insurance is priced close to the mark I think.
  10. 3rd party only. Mainly due to the fact that full comp on my $5000 bike is $700/yr and I'm 26 with a perfect record. When it was fully insured I made a claim only to find out the the insurance I had (reputable company) wasn't really worth paying for - so I cancelled the claim and my insurance.

    If my bike get damaged I don't have time to fsck about getting quotes and waiting for assessors, I just want to get it fixed how I want it fixed.
  11. Insuremyride Third Party Only
  12. I have full comprehensive but I can understand why some people elect to have 3rd party insurance, sometimes the figures over time work out better for that.

    I don't get why some people don't have any insurance at all though...
  13. Full Comp IMR.

    I too understand some people having just 3rd party but cannot fathom that people don't have any. 3rd Party should be a compulsary part of reg imho.
  14. T,FTFY.

    A cheap insurer for one person could ask double or triple the going rate for another person and vice versa - there's no universally "cheapest insurer", unfortunately. The best bet is to always phone around and see what's best for you.
  15. I'm with ebike insurance, third party fire and thief. I was thinking of a full comp but all the insurance companies ask too much for it. The lowest one I got was like $3300 full comp. I know I have to consider that I'm 22 and ride a late model sports bike.

    In the end I went for third party fire and thief. Just incase I hit something really expensive or my bike gets stolen. I'm saving like $2k which can be savings for my next bike(or in the worst case fix my bike or buy another bike).
  16. full comprehensive with QBE, definitely shop around though, they were $700 a year cheaper than nrma for me :shock:
  17. have full comp on both..

    ZX14 with IMR at the moment, $850 pa.
    ZRX with Ebike $400 pa, $150 cheaper than IMR..

    The 14 will go with Ebike in May as it will be $200 cheaper than IMR.

    Ebike offers $2k gear coverage for each rider and pillion. Also has 24/7 roadside assist. :grin:
  18. I'm insured with QBE for the Superduke just renewed it 2 days ago... Under $400 a year full comp :grin:

    Ebike were closer to $300 but they don't have agreed value policies so I chose to stick with QBE...

    Ring everybody when looking for insurance...there is a massive difference between quotes!