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QLD Insurance discounts (Rider training, fuel efficiency)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by CoinSlot, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. n.b. tl;dr at bottom of post.

    Good day sirs/madams,

    It's insurance renewal time for me so I've been doing some brief hunting around. My ride is a 2008 Ninja 250r and I'm currently insured with NRMA (full comp.).

    At present I pay $970 for full comp. which includes a $1500 Rating 1 discount. So if I did not have a rating 1 it would be $2470 (side note, this is my first comprehensive insurance ever. They gave me a rating 1 based on previous 3rd party no claims.)

    I called them today to inquire about two things. Do they offer a discount for riders who have completed an approved training program? Also, do they offer a discount for bikes that are fuel efficient like they do for cars (They have a list on their website of approved cars, must fall under 5.5L/100km)?

    The answer to both those questions was a clear "no" even after discussing with her manager. I asked why and received a "just because" response in reply.

    So because I'm all about boycotting these days I'm now looking for a new insurer. Someone who recognises the efficiency benefits of riding a small bike and is willing to apply a discount for recognised training programs.

    Does there exist such an insurer? Or do I just keep doing quotes till I find a cheap one?

    tl;dr: NRMA don't reflect rider training or efficiency benefits in quotes. Who does?
  2. AFAIK noone gives 2 shits about efficiency, but i know IMR gives discounts for those who've completed training, but it's only 5%
  3. For cars they do. In fact they give up to 10% shits of your policy.
  4. I think you were asking about bikes though.
  5. Yes I was specifically asking about bikes. Why do cars get discounts for being efficient while other 'greener' methods of transport get squat?

    IMR has an insane inexperienced rider excess of $1500. I've been riding for a year so I'm new, sure. Changed it to 3 years on the calculator, same excess. So in 2 years time I'm still paying the same excess as someone who just got their L plates. I'll pass on that.

    I have written a letter to NRMA voicing my displeasure about favouring cars over 2 wheeled transport in their policy options. So I'm looking forward to hearing back from them.
  6. Fark man, I have had my RE in QLD for less than a year, and my premium is under $400 for a 2010 gs500. Had REA for maybe a year longer than that. I am 34, Rating 1 for life in the cage.

    I am with QBE, and I beleive you do get a discount if you have done advanced courses. However I have read here that you need to pay excess even if you are not at fault, and they repay you when the at fault party has coughed up. I have been insured with QBE for years, but never made a claim, so I have never experienced this.

  7. Do you think you will hear back from them ?? I think not ""

    Shop around you will find lots of different prices
  8. The IMR Inexperienced Rider excess only applies to riders with less than 1 year of experience. If you have been riding for a year then it no longer applies to you.
  9. Yes actually. They may just palm me off with a standard reply though.

    Oh really? This is good news then. Thank you.
  10. So here is the pitiful response I received:

    Completely ignored my questions. I guess all I can do is keep hunting around for quotes.
  11. Because bikes are machines of the devil, forged in the depths of hell and only let loose on the roads to kill innocent riders.

    Or so it may seem from the insurance company's perspective.

    You will get a HUGE difference in price for both premium and excess from different companies, but the only discounts you'll find is for safety like rider training, locking it up in a garage etc.
  12. It's retarded logic, isn't it?

    I just saw an ad for NRMA offering to beat other quotes by 10% on car insurance. I'm going to see if they are willing to extend that to motorbikes. Just for curiosity mostly.

    I've decided to change to third party fire & theft. If I crash this year I've given them $2000 already plus $1000 in excess. For $3000 I could fix pretty much anything on the Ninja. It is no longer worth it.
  13. You just summed it up mate. Insurance on a bike thats only worth a few kay to begin with isn't worth it - my bikes aren't insured because they're only worth about 3 or maybe 4k each. They go down and things break? New bike or new parts.

    Fire/theft, however, is well worth it. If you get an unexpected surprise this measly $150 insurance will pay out the value of your bike for you. Its a great idea to get it.

    Good to see you're using logic on this one - boingk
  14. WQBE will offer a 5% discount if you're in a club. They also promise to match quotes on bike insurance.

    Efficiency has zero to do with accident rate. You're on a hiding to nothing ploughing that angle.
  15. See your point but Remember too if you hit someone and you have no insurance they may sue your ass .
  16. Then why do they offer the efficiency discount for cars? Genuine question because I totally agree with you. I thought maybe with some persuasion they could offer it for bikes instead of holding out for car drivers.

    I think he meant no full comp. It's crazy not to have at least 3rd party property insurance.

    So third party for me. I'll call them up during the week. Luckily my bike stayed high and dry in the floods. My 750cc Gixxerkart project was not so lucky. Have to strip the engine down when I'm over feeling sorry for it. Better then losing a house/livelihood!
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    Do they offer efficiency discount to cars?? First I've heard of it. Interesting. Must be a sales gimmick.

    - - -
  18. Only if he was not riding his donkey at the time. What they expect to gain by suing a donkey is beyond me.