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VIC Insurance - Dealer quotes

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by MelbourneMick, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. I contacted my current insurer today to obtain a hypothetical quote for when I upgrade in June this year. I was just getting a feel for what I will be up for.

    the quote came in around $1100.

    I was then asked if i was buying the bike through a Dealer and advise yes and the name of the Dealer.

    The fella at the insurance company advised for me to get the insurance through the Dealer as the sell insurance on their behalf and can do it cheaper.

    When a i asked how much cheaper he stated " at least a few hundred "

    Kinda confused how dealing with a third party (the dealer) is cheaper than going direct (the insurer)

    Anyone know how this all works ?
  2. Off topic BUT what bike are you getting? Or is it still hush hush?? :p
  3. looking at 2011 Gixxer 600 (maybe, just maybe 2012)
  4. Maybe the insurer gives packages for them to sell. IE they promise to sell 1000 policies and for that they give a 30% discount.
  5. NICE! They do look COOL! :D

    Ok back to the topic.
  6. Mick,

    I've just been through that same exercise, and yes, the insurance through the dealer was much cheaper than going direct. I got 5 quotes, 4 direct and 1 through the dealer.

    Direct quotes were more or less the same cost give or take $50, and I don't know how or why, but the dealer arranged insurance saved me ~$250 this year, and then the on-going savings each year.

    The dealer also did a bit better on price from the original quote when I pushed him.

  7. Mine was quoted for $500 at dealer or $1100 direct. Amazing saving, might take your advice and give them abit more of a nudge to get it even cheaper.
  8. thanks for the info ! looks like through the dealer is the way to go
  9. yeah,
    picked up my new bike in december (15th) and the dealers insurance guy was supposed to call me within a week, 'cos he could beat any quote'.

    Maybe he can, maybe he cant, but I wouldnt know, because he hasnt contacted me yet!.

    I work in F and I in the car game, and my customers get shirty if I dont call em within a day, let alone a month or more.

    hey, only a ducati, not much to insure right? Bought from them?
    wouldnt make me think more or less of a dealer would it?
    If they cant be bothered to call me, that shows a lot about the dealership doesnt it?

    I would be doing my own finding of insurance - at least you will get insurance. Wouldnt want to wait on the dealer.
  10. I think the lesson as always is shop around and compare price and benefits
    My Tuono on a rating 1.

    Dealer - $1500
    Insureyourride - $1400
    QBE - $1600
    Swann - $2660
    RACV - which is the same company was Swann with different underwriting criteria - $1000 (inlcuded multipolicy discount)
  11. Racv offer $2000 for protective gear and clothing, yet this is not mentioned anywhere in their PDS which happens to be the same as the car one.

    Not sure what to make of this, as the call centre insists its in their scripting but nowhere in the PDS where it matters.
  12. As a p plater and under 25 every little bit counts. On the swann website and calling them, their quotes we're about double of what the dealer could offer me through the same insurance company.
  13. does anyone know how the Dealer gets it cheaper than going direct?
    I'm not complaining just trying to apply logic to it
  14. They get it cheaper because they are recommending the insurance company to every buyer and potential buyer that goes through the shop. Its a lot of business that the insurance company may not get otherwise so its worth it to them to discount the product.
  15. Bike shop I used to work at got a commission on every policy they sold, On some bikes they'd make nothing but the profit was in the finance and insurance .