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NSW Insurance & crashing at a track day

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Chillertek, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. There are a lot of guys on netrider that do track days at the Creek and Philip Island. Now as everyone knows your comprehensive insurance does not cover your bike at the track if you crash it. I know this as I've had to fix up my CBR600 when I crashed it at the creek years ago. It's one of the reasons why I don't really do track days anymore, The risk of smashing my bike as its the only one I have and the cost to replace it. I think new R1's and ZX-10's are up around the 18K mark.

    My question here is: Has anyone here crashed their bike at the track and it was so badly damaged that it was a write off? And if so what did you do then?
  2. Have it fall off the trailer on the way home-problem solved.
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  3. Well that's not an option as I don't own a trailer or a car that has a tow bar.
  4. Yep , or just tell insurance it happened somewhere else :)

    Or just buy a dedicated track bike that is already a stat write off that's been fixed... Cheap to buy and then you don't have to worry about insurance etc. just take it out and ride.
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  5. I'm sure this has happened to someone out there. And no I haven't crashed my bike and I haven't done a track day just for the record, so I'm not looking to commit fraud on any insurance company either. Was just wondering if it happened to someone? I'm sure it has.
  6. I've always wondered if that would work. When you crash at the track do they take down any of your details? Also, is the thing about insurance companies getting people to photograph plates at the track true? I always cover my plate or take it off just in case.
  7. They took down my details after I came off at the last NR track day (grrrr!) Can't remember if they took note of how damaged the bike was or anything like that was a bit to pissed off to take notice.
    I was able to ride mine how no problem as I was lucky to come off at one of the slowest corners with plenty off run off on to the piece of track the connects the north curcuit. Poor old popeye on the other hand ...
  8. Who are "they" and what for? Did they explain why, what sort of details?
    Pretty sure you don't have to disclose your private info anywhere (unless "they" make you sign the paper before that you have to, which may also be against the privacy act or whatever that's called).
  9. You will wish otherwise after crashing at a track day-its a long walk home.
  10. Have yet to go on a track day (going this month) but I called my insurer (NRMA) in preparation. The lady said that as long as I wasn't racing, I'm insured. I'm not sure how they define "racing" but I'm taking this with a grain of salt. One could argue (albeit weakly) that they weren't racing while on a track day but chances are, the insurer would screw me in the event of an accident.

    I'm just going to the track w/ the expectation that if I crash the bike, that's that.

    Superbike School though, I think one could argue that it's a safe, guided learning experience and arguably not racing.
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  11. QBE covers only L1. 2-4 aren't covered.
  12. "They" were the track day provider staff and at that point I didn't give a fcuk. They came up to me having just entered the garage coming back in from sliding across the tarmac at 70kph along with my bike. Might not have to give them details, didn't care at the time.
    I would assume it would be there policy to take rider details in the event of a crash for any legal/insurance reasons that may come up from injuries or otherwise. I didn't end up using the tow truck or the ambulance they sent out. Could be any number of reasons. Guess your going to have to ask em.
  13. But they would already had those details when you bought the daily license at the track.

    No worries. Just really curious.

    They didn't ask me anything even though I needed a ride in ambo (broadford).

    Just sounds a little strange to me.

    Anyway, is a track day provider allowed to disclose personal details to anyone, including insurance companies?
    I would *assume* No due to the privacy thing.

    Asking because that's the only way insurance provides can know about it. Which may be the answer to OP.
  14. Good to know!
  15. I thought this was the correct forum for stupid motorcycling questions.
  16. Sorry Justus, I didn't see that there was a forum thread for track day questions. My bad.
  17. Yes. Many times.

    And it's never cheap to fix and funnily enough the most expensive are when someone else takes you out.

    Don't do an insurance job, I don't think there's any connection between the ride day operator and insurance companies but ethics aside, there are a lot of photographers about and sometimes just a freaky circumstance can bring you unstuck. An insurance investigation can have more repercussions than a few thousand in repairs on your bike.

    Unfortunately it's an expensive hobby.
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  18. I don't do track days because i need my bike for transport.

    If I were too, I would be shelving my standard plastics and getting a full set of cheap chinese ABS.

    I'd also be investigating the pros and cons of oggy knobs on my model.
  19. Whatever you do OP, DON'T commit insurance fraud as blabbs suggested...
    it honestly wouldn't be worth it.

    sorry to hear about your crash though.

    as for insurance, as i found out its an individual choice... i like having insurance but some people don't see the value in it, each to their own.

    its not about being paranoid that you'll crash into a supercar, its about covering your ass if something were to happen.. $1000 is better than 20,000 :)
  20. That's a pretty S$%T alternative considering that I have been their done that thanks to the ex that had a gambling problem. bankruptcy is a mark for life. I'll take the insurance any day over bankruptcy.
    To the OP. Yes I worry about track day off all the time since I have a 19K bike. The fear tends to go a way after the 1st session but I am also a rider that takes less risks at pushing the limit then others.
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