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VIC Insurance coverage for training courses

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by minglis, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. So, I wanted to find out what level of coverage I have if I was to attend a track day or training course of some kind. I kept hearing that there would be 0 coverage, but, decided to actually do some finding out. I sent this email to my insurance company (Swann):

    I received the following reply:

    OK, so, this had the potential to be quite good. If VicRoads approved some training courses, then, I might actually be able to do them without fear of loosing my bike if things went pear shaped. So, I sent an inquiry to VicRoads:

    Well, here is where any sembance of goodness vanished in a puff of bureaucratic beige smoke:

    No surprised, but EXTREMELY disappointed. What a crock of shit.
  2. Thanks for the feedback Matt
  3. I recently checked my WQBE coverage. I am covered for a training day but not a track day.
  4. so much for encouraging safer riding/driving!!
  5. The only thing stopping me from trying out a track day is insurance :-(

    Can't afford a track bike.
  6. pretty sure you would still be covered by TAC as it is a rider training course, covers you but not the bike unfortunately
  7. As far as I know, things like CSS (as a training event) are covered, but track days aren't
  8. IMR cover hart but not css. css is track riding skills not road riding.
  9. I read this as

    "The only courses that are approved by VicRoads are ones we can MAKE MONEY FROM

    Thanks for sharing the details you compiled........ah VicRoads ](*,)
  10. You didn't expect to be covered and you are not. Just that the offical answer was a lot longer than that.
  11. Why would Vic Roads, whose responsibility is for public roads in Victoria, have any interest in a dedicated private racing track and its related activities?
  12. I was with Swann for a few years and one of the reasons I left was because I couldn't get a straight answer on training days. I don't think anyone there I spoke to understood the policy. They said they would note in my policy that they gave approval for a training day but it was still ambiguous as they have an exclusion for racetracks. So I hired a bike (HART do that at Broadford).
  13. Minglis, I don't think you were told quite the full story by your Customer Service rep at Swann. I was with them, did Stay Upright Intermediate & was covered. Be a good idea to double-check your PDS I think.

    This is from Swann's MaxiRider Motorcycle Insurance PDS.

    What You're Not Insured For
    Pge 7:

    - was being used or tested in preparation for any motor sports or used on any motorcycle track.
    This does not apply where you are participating in an approved rider training course provided:

    i) the rider training course is conducted by an established business, and

    ii) the business conducting the rider training course is accredited or approved by the relevant State or Territory traffic authority, (so the approval/accreditation relates to the business not the course), and

    iii) the rider training course is conducted on private property, which is used solely for the purpose of rider instruction at the time when the rider training is conducted.​

    Here's the list of training providers accredited by VicRoads:

    Some insurers also cover Lvl 1 of CSS.

    Hope this helps.
  14. ahh. they changed the wording of the PDS from 2010 to 2011. added
    "at the time when the rider training is conducted".
    which wasn't there before
  15. surprise surprise.

    That helps a lot. Thanks. Not entirely sure why this information couldn't be provided by the Swann and VicRoads when requested.
  16. QBE will cover lvl1 CSS and stay upright courses but I would like to see if they pay out.
    better to throw the bike off the trailer on the way home (but I'm not aloud too say that)
  17. I enquired with IMR about CSS and they will not cover you, but they do cover things like HART.
    Now I've done a CSS course at the Island and it has tought me more about throttle control and cornering as a level one than I think any road based course can and to rub salt into the wound my partner went and did a HART post learners course and was covered...She said it was a waste of time and the instructors said she had good skills (only two weeks of riding) and then went on to question riding from Glen Waverly to St Kilda the night before even though I followed.
    In other words I reckon you will get cover if the course give the insurance company a rebate for advertising their courses.