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Insurance Costs (Holy Cow!)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by conspiracytheorist, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. Hey all. Was just looking at insurance costs for possible next upgrades and was astounded by the costs so I thought I'd share it for the other young'ns.

    NRMA: For fully comprehensive. Done as 20yo and 2 years driving experience, brand new models.

    $4,002.73 - (1 owner, 0 other riders)
    $984.54 (with myself as secondary rider, it is my dads bike..)

    $5,342.10 - (1 owner, 0 other riders)
    $1,284.68 (with myself as secondary rider, it is my dads bike..)

    Scary huh! I knew it was steep, but its almost 50% of the bike each year. Matchstick was saying that when he looked at insuring an R1 for his upgrade, it would be $9000 a year!

    And thats with an $800 excess for all of the above! I guess its unavoidable though. I'll probably get an 6f and wait till I'm 25 before I think about upgrading again.
  2. :shock: yikes ! that is alot of $$$ but have you phoned around to compare companies ?
  3. :shock: :shock: :shock: WOW!!!

    Don't know what they are like, Vic posted the link yesterday. I will be giving them a call when my Insurance runs out.

    Being new kids on the block they might be a little cheaper. One can only hope.

  4. NRMA was cheapest for 3rd party for my zzr. I would hate to think what swan and some others are considering comprehensive for the ZZR! was $1600-2000 when nrma was $600.


    I'm sure I'd be able to get lower price than whats listed on the site with my awesome charm :wink: but still!
  5. Is that with NRMA?
  6. Now you know why many just go for 3rd party, fire and theft.
  7. Good point. I'm on 3rd party at the moment but my zzr cost 5k. No theft though :( NRMA doesn't offer it and didn't realise others did til later.

    If comp insurance is 1000 pa with 800 excess, you'd have to have more than 1800 damage in an accident to make it worthwhile? What are people's opinions / ideas about that?

    Also, wondering what do people over 25 pay for an average sports tourer?
  8. online quotes are a complete crock of poo poo.
    take very little notice of them.
  9. Naked sportsbikes FTW!!!!
    Check out the Honda Hornet 600, Z1000, Bandits and the like.
    Insurance is a fraction of the cost and you get just as many thrills.
  10. Have you looked at Western QBE? You can get a quote on-line and pay by the half-year.

    That said, you are in the most disavantageous group when it comes to insurance; I doubt you'll get a reasonable quote from anyone....
  11. I'm only paying $800 odd with HRCA on my Z1000 and I'm 24!
  12. Aprilia Caponord insured for $12K was $440 with NEIB
    Husky TE 610 same value $399 with QBE
  13. Truer words have seldom been spoken! :LOL:
  14. For me AAMI was the cheapest for a rider with no experience on a VTR... $980ish for comprehensive, $184 for 3rd party
  15. It was dead on when I got 3rd party. But I didn't learn till later that you can talk them down! :oops:

    Can't find qbe online quote and it doesn't like firefox, tsk tsk.
  16. 26yo brand new rider on L's with a new gpx250, and a car speeding offence 6 months previous to enquiry. I called these and ran full quotes through their systems...
    RACV (i know, wrong state) was going for full comp at $1250, and they didn't want to offer me fire and thief with 3rd party. 3rd party on its own was still $300ish...
    W-QBE full comp was $800, and fire and theft with 3rd party was $440... I took fire/theft 3rd party with them.. I've since upgraded after 1 year of riding to full comp at $620. I have no rating for car insurance - i bought my parents car and they kept all the details in thier name as I was a poor arsed uni student...
    My next bike will have either a half fairing or less with insurance being a big part of my choice...

  17. My 2003 GS500e's full comprehensive is $320 per annum :grin: .

    I guess having such a 'safe' bike, being FEMALE and 26 really do help...
  18. I was also looking at a hopefully near future bike and found a nice 2004 R1 for $12,500. I then went on the Nrma site to find that full comprhensive insurence on it was going to cost aprox. $9000 per year :eek:hno:
  19. You need a baby bike.

    My NSR 150 is $450 a year full comp.

  20. Monster 620ie - $480 full comprehensive with WQBE.