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Insurance Costs for a 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bluespawn, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. Hi all, I'm just curious what people pay for insurance. I just got a quote and wondering if it's any good.

    I'm 27, no bike experience (though they didn't ask), 1 car crash in 2001, no speeding or other offences, driving a car for 9 years. Bike is a GPX250R. it's a new bike and insured for $6000.

    The quote was $650 with SGIC (They do have a 2 year replacement garentee if I write it off)
    Quote with Shannons was something like 1200 (cough cough).

    If anyone is able to give me their opinion that would be great. Not sure if I need to look for interstate insurers.

  2. sounds pretty good, i got quoted a grand for comp from the nrma, that includes a 20% no claim bonus and discount cause a already had a car policy with them, but that is in NSW and for only $5000. i ended up getting just third party for about $180 which includes 4000 bucks for other uninsured vehicle at fault cover.
  3. sounds ok, I reckon you could do a little bit better. I'm in the same age bracket as you but have a naked bike, and a rating 1 with RACV, cost me about $520. got a quote from swann and western qbe and they were cheaper, but only by a $100 or so.

    Interstate insurers might give you hassles if you need to make a claim.
  4. beat you all, i just insured my bike this week

    29yeaqr old, rating 1 perfect record,

    Full comprehensive, honda Spada, insured for $3200

    $200 with RACV (i do have car insurance with them as well)
  5. Try AAMI I know a lot of people dont like them but they where about 40% cheaper than QBE and as for swann good luck I wouldnt trust them at all but thats me
  6. I just switched from RACV to Western QBE.

    26 Yrs Old, Full Comp for $5,000

    RACV = $440
    Western QBE = $220

    I was with AAMI before that but left as they wanted to make me a rating 7 after my girlfriend crashed my car. Moved to RACV, kept my rating 1 :cool:
  7. well thats certainly a difference. curious on the differences in the same company though.
  8. If it was a direct ratio I would beat you Drew,

    Full Comp $9000, for $440 ---> Swann


  9. yeah but we are talking 250's not 500's.

    att hat would imply a longer riding history.

    still i'm happy with my price :)
  10. Sorry, your right. By the time I got to this stage in the thread my attention span had already been used up. :p

    Took me a while to desypher your second line though.


  11. I paid $330 full comp for my 89 GPX250R with AAMI, They were the cheapest out of all the guys i rang

    im only 21 as well and never had insurance with them before.
  12. Forget about Shannon, if you have less than 2 years full license riding experience.. they don't want to know you..

    1993 Grey Imports $5000 full comp $500 with AAMI.
  13. I am also with WQBE. I am however, a 'little' over 30, and have pretty much full no claims bonus. I have just insured my GPX with them for $242, based on being parked in a locked garage, doing less than 8000kms a year and not commuting to work. I don't think I pay any more for being an inexperienced rider (on my L's) but there is an extra inexperienced rider excess to pay if I make a claim.
  14. My VTR was $350 with QBE fully comp. I am 31 with full no claims and have had a full licence for about 6 months.
  15. QBE guarantee to beat prices.

    I can get Full comp on an 05 GPX250, I am 25 and rating two car driver....it was about $400 I believe.

    Also, I got a quote for $317 from another place (Arista maybe)

    Edit: This was agreed value of $5500 living in Reservoir (Not known for being the best suburb)
  16. My srx was insured for about $240 fully comp insured for agreed value of $3000 and that was when I was living in South Yarra - right smack bang in the city pretty much just around the corner from Chapel Street...

    It reduced down to $210 when I moved to Willimastown

    I think the location where you live definately has some influence over the insurance costs (well it does for cars so why not bikes) but if you feel like your getting a good deal - then thats probably the most important thing...