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Insurance Company that actually COVERS Learner Riders?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Camel Salesman, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. I've still got abit of time until I get my R (unrestricted license) and in the mean time I would like to ride my new bike with a shadow. I called up WQBE to find out that their Theft, Fire and Legal liability package ONLY covers riders that are registered or something. Basically even if I go riding on my L's with a legal shadow and have an accident they won't pay up anything because I was riding as a Learner...

    WTF? Since when? I had no Idea and I was riding around with a shadow on a 250 and wasn't even covered for god sake.

    So my simple question: Which insurance companies will cover Leaner riders riding their new big bikes with a shadow (legally)?
  2. Hmm, I think your going to have a hard time, insurance companies will do anything to get out of paying a claim, and not being licensed to ride the bike is an easy one for them.
  3. now im not the smartest kid on the block... what is this shadow you speak of..not sure if you have 'insure my ride' over there but im pretty sure they will ensure most people and bikes. excess might be heavy if you claim in the first year though.
  4. What about Insure My Ride? I thought they insure learners.
  5. Haha slightly different story with Swann Insurance.

    I ask the lady on the phone if they would cover me incase of a crash on the road, they said No because I am not legally allowed to ride anything bigger than 250cc.

    I then say, in my state you can get your R-E (restricted) and hop on a Litre bike the next day with a legal shadow, displaying your L's and you would be legally able to ride the bike. Then she says, yes so long as you've got a R Leaner's Permit you we will cover you.

    I am very sure that in W.A they DON'T give Learner permits to riders anymore - because you automatically get the learners permit as soon as you pass the RE examination hence being able to ride a bike greater than 250cc the next day given that you display both L's and there is a rider with you with 4 + years experience on R.


    P.S I got an AMAZING quote from Swann - 3800$ Full Comp! Cheapest anywhere!
  6. unrestricted L's. what is this wonderland you speak of.
  7. LOL... thats funny ;) .... Well in Vic, I got full comp by RACV for $400 on my cbr250rr... I spose that had something to do with me being with them as a rating 1 before that...
  8. Booga, I got a 1000cc.

    Well in the old days in W.A you had 2 L's.

    1. L's for riding a 250cc (and less) accompanied with a proper Shadow.
    2. L's for riding anything greater than 250cc and accompanied with a proper shadow.

    Both L's were obtained by sitting the SAME computer test. This is why they don't do it anymore and all R-E licensed riders are able to ride big bikes so long as there is a shadow and you display your L plates.

    Then you have a practical assessment to get your R license.

    Correct me if I'm wrong...
  9. fair enough... and you have the red bull air race.. lucky buggers
  10. I'm really curious. What's this shadow your talking about?
  11. Omg you're the 19y.o with the Gixxer :shock:

    Okay, initially, I thought you were being a bit unrealistic about what you were wanting to ride due to having the limited experience of going through your restricted phase... However, in the right hands, that isn't the worst thing.

    You however have a litre bike, you're young and have piss all experience...

    You're going to have hell getting insured but more importantly, dress yourself up because you are definitely going to at least drop it or have a low speed slide due to a silly learner mistake.

    These are what I see happening if you're sensible...

    If you get a hard on like most of us from whipping that right wrist back... you're in trouble, and you're age and inexperience (stress inexperience) will work against you...

    In saying all this, if I was in your shoes I would dive in head first and be stoked as hell so have fun but take special heed to the warnings because your worries are much bigger than most new riders...
  12. You guys don't know what a shadow is?
  13. Nah m8 thats not it. Lets be sensible about this please...

    And to those that are saying I am going to kill myself, please post your stuff in my other thread not here.
  14. Is it someone with a full motorcycle rider's licence who rides with you while you are on your 'Ls'?

    Doesn't exist over on this side of the country.
  15. You are a winner m8 :cheeky:
  16. i don't know what 'shadow' is either.

    i am guessing its another experienced rider who must follow you?
    (damn, i just saw the post above)

    doesn't seem much safer than riding alone really.

    no one will insure you to do something illegal. it defeats the whole purpose. hence, if your illegally riding a 1L bike on your L's, say goodnight. No insurance company will touch you with a barge pole. even if you pay a premium and they say 'your covered' when it come claim time guaranteed they will say 'you were breaking the law and are liable for the damages, not us'
  17. http://www.thisperthlife.com/2007/05/getting_a_motor.html
  18. If you're the registered owner, and legally allowed to ride the bike you'll be able to cover it.