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Insurance companies dont want my business?!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by V8cressida, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. So, I just bought a classic old cruiser to add to my stable o bikes.

    Thought I'd give Shannons a go. They said cos I havent had a cruiser before they wouldn't insure me until I had it for a year! They said try Insure my ride....I did (I have 2 bike policies with them) they said sorry we don't insure anything over 30 years old. (its 34 yrs old).

    Any body had this prob? Anyone else I should try? ](*,)

    I am rating 1 and 39yrs old.

  2. is vigil insurance still around ?

    they used to insure classics etc

    try talking to a vintage/veteran car club -- they may point you in direction of other companies that insure older classics
  3. I wouldnt bother eith RACV the silly girl that answered my call asked me if I was sure I had a YZFR1 because it was not on their Db!

  4. Sounds odd. I insured MrsB's Ural combo with Shannons and there were no questions asked about combo history.
  5. Mate, had the same kind of crap with bike insurers as a learner. It was either exorbitantly priced or they didn't wanna know. Their website doesn't tell you WHY you can't get a policy, but because they know they can't sell you one they don't want to talk to you about it.

    Shannon's told me they don't insure general use streetbikes at all.

    I ended up going with TIO (NT Only). Very well priced and they work with the METAL course people up here a bit for their policy, includes $500 gear insurance as a default whereas others it was completely optional.
  6. I'm almost 100% sure that insuremyride is owned and operated by shannons....seems odd...I thought the idea of insuremyride was to insure anything shannons wouldn't ie. under 25's
  7. IMR isn't owned by Shannons.
    It is held under the same parent company (Suncorp).

    IMR does generally have laxer requirements than Shannons however they don't insure bikes over 30 years of age.

    Also Shannons do have the underwriting criteria that certain bike experience is required. Whilst not always put into play (i.e. the Ural example previously) one of the specific examples of the underwriting rule is for riders moving from say a sports bike to a cruiser. Most often these would be referred to a manager for clarification if it is in a bit of a grey area. If it wasn't referred you could always ask it to be looked at again. That is always allowed at your discretion.
  8. That is exactly what happened!

    The Shannon's rep told me to try IMR "as their sister company"

    IMR was unsure why Shannon's didn't know their 30yr policy.

  9. Just get 3rd party + CTP with the one company for a year then move to comprehensive?
  10. Ha, Ha I didn't even get that far in the Discussion!, the type of insurance wasn't asked for before they canned my arse!

  11. Ok, Now for the gooooooood news.

    Just got off the phone with QBE.

    The dude started off by asking the year of manufacture......I thought, here we go again!.....But no, asked more questions.......And gave me a quote....=D> very nice price too.

    Might have to look at them for my other bykes when there INS becomes due, although I was more than happy how IMR handled my only claim back in Jan 07.

    Go QBE!

  12. I've tried Shannons twice, just to check that the garbage I heard the first time wasn't a misunderstanding with the salesman. It wasn't: they really are incomprehensibly stupid when dealing with a client. In my case, using the bike 3 days a week would be outside their policy conditions ](*,)

    I'm with Allianz (through BMW Insurance), and find them fine, after a bit of to-and-fro'ing over premiums, which finished up quite reasonable and with more cover than last year :D
  13. I have a general use street bike insured with Shannon's. Although they won't insure it for commuting.
  14. I tried RACV for my car, they came in at double the price so I went back to Shannons.

    I got a quote for the K through RACV, yes, you guessed it, it was double what QBE quoted me.

    Pointless going through RACV for anything for me, everything I get them to quote comes back double what their competition quotes me.

    The house and contents are with AAMI, the wifes car is with AAMI, my car through Shannons and the bike through QBE.

    I made 2 claims early on in my riding career with QBE, perfect both times.

    For a company that wanted to move into bike insurance, ppffttt, they do not get my vote.
  15. Far out. That's the weirdest policy and explanation I've ever heard! I find it hard to believe. Would they then say "You haven't had a bike before. We'll insure you after you've had it for one year."?
  16. Funnily enough, that is exactly what the RACV said to me back in 1999, "oh you now want to insure a 600? you've never had a 600 before, you will have to be insured with someone else for a year then we can insure you"

    I went to QBE and stayed there for years.
  17. That is correct.
    Shannons do not insure new riders.
  18. No complaints here about QBE, with whom I insure my everyday commuters. Good prices and a fuss free payout when the Blue Whale was harpooned from under me.

    Haven't had to claim from Shannons, but getting the policy was no problem and the phone service was absolutely fine. They won't cover the Ural (or any other bike AFAIK) as an everyday commuter, hence my dealings with QBE, but otherwise there are no significant restrictions to its use.