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VIC Insurance claim questions

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by stickers, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Hi all, I'm fairly new to riding in Melbourne (bought my bike early this year) and unfortunately I had my first major spill last Friday.

    Was coming back from Healesville via Kinglake and managed to run wide due to some gravel on the road and put my wheel into the gutter, which made me hit the rocky cliff side. This sent me back to the road and the bike threw me out for that mistake before sliding across and off the road.
    The impact was violent and thankfully I was in full gear - a 2 piece suit, back protector, rst boots, gloves and arai helmet. Picked myself up and was amazed that it didn't hurt that much, though now i have sores and aches all over but not a drop of blood was shed.

    I called my insurance company - Insure my ride and after about almost 3 hours, the tow van finally came to help pull my bike up. It was painful to see it being literally dragged up on its side with bits falling out. Hitting the rock side also busted my left engine cover and left a trail of oil and debris on the road as the bike went on the other side. we cleaned it up eventually with a piece of rag.

    Alrights.. now for the questions. I've lodged an online claim with insure my ride as they are closed after office hours and on the weekends.

    The tow guy said that it was highly likely that the bike would be written off as the cost to repair it would certainly be more than what its worth (about 5 grand). I've also got full comp insurance with riding gear cover ($1000) and modifications/accessories ($1000).

    1. How do I go about claiming for my helmet and suit? The helmet was bought some time ago and I don't have the receipts anymore. Do they just go by the current market price of it? or do i have to prove that I bought it? The suit was bought online so I still have that receipt. would i just submit all these to the workshop for the assessor to inspect?

    2. How does the agreed modifications/accessories thing work? lets say I have brake lines on the bike and other stuff which are not damaged (but I don't have the receipt). Would they pay out for that on top of the agreed value of the bike? or does that come with part of the bike's value. Or can I remove and keep them?

    3. The bike is not really complete as the tow guy threw out some of the parts that fell off the bike down the slope. Would the insurance company require a complete bike?

    4. lastly my excess is $400, but i notice an 'inexperienced rider excess of $800. Does inexperienced mean being on Ps? or something else such as not completing an approved riders training course (which it states on my policy that i have not).

    I'm still considering whether I should visit the doctor regarding my sores and aches as I have an exam coming up in a couple of days and wouldn't want to miss it.

    Your inputs are much appreciated. :)
  2. Ring the insurance. They may want photos of the damage and quotes for replacement. Peter Stevens quoted on equivalent replacement gear for me. Did it all with e-mails.
    Go to the Doctor. If its a Uni exam, it might get you a chance to re-sit if you stuff up.
    Thats a difficult road for new riders. People die there.
  3. In my experience it is enough to get a bike gear shop to write a quote for replacing the damaged gear with identical items or a current similar substitute. The fact that you have the gear is proof of ownership and the insurer is likely to request those items for inspection. If you're claiming on helmet and suit then those damaged items will become the insurer's property so don't throw them out!

    If you have market value on the bike then it will be market value with the addition of the specified parts. If you agreed value on the bike then it may be an agreed overall value. It's hard to know without seeing the PDS. The fact that the parts are on the bike is proof that they existed so reciepts are not required.

    As long as it wasn't the specified accessorires that you're claiming then it won't be a problem.

    The definition of "inexperienced" will be clearly spelled out in your PDS. Read it and you will know. :)

    If you've been injured and expect to make a TAC claim then you will need to see a doctor and make a police report. Your choice dude, but for what it's worth, if I walk away from a stack then I lick the scrapes clean and move on. :)
  4. As above..

    Primary concern is see the Doc
    Secondary is to fill the insurance claim

    Glad you're okay - don't stress - things will work out (y)
  5. Assuming its a uni or TAFE exam (or similar), you'll need a proper medical certificate to back up any claim for special consideration or if you want to get a supplementary. Check the student rules/website for the full procedure.
  6. Sorry to hear mate.
    It's times like these you wish you'd read the PDS more carefully eh?
    It sucks but insurance companies fkn hate paying out. Hear IMR are ok though. Could cost you over. a grand just in excesses!
  7. Thanks for the replies guys.. I had the impression that I could keep the helmet as a souvenir or rather a reminder not to be such a dumb ass in the future. :)

    I've been through the PDS and my policy is for the "sum insured", that's like the agreed value? The part about modifications - I didn't really understand because I declared my modifications to be of that value ($1000), hence I should be getting that additional sum on top of the sum insured, shouldn't I? Since I've paid additional premium for it. Even though those modified parts are not damaged, but a written off bike should be considered as an entity? The PDS seems to indicate if the modified parts are damaged or stolen.

    As for the inexperienced rider excess, the PDS states that inexperienced riders consists of those who have had their bike licence for less than 1 year, or have been riding for less than 1 year. I've been riding in Melbourne for about 4-5 months, but have been riding overseas for a combined period of about almost 2 years. I should be able to produce proof of ownership of my previous motorcycles overseas, have to dig through the paperwork. My Vic licence was a direct full conversion of an overseas licence done back in 2008.

    This technicality is what I would need some clarification for as the difference for this is $800 in excess more ](*,).

    Anw the PDS for IMR is written in a very friendly and simple to read way, thumbs up to them. Just hoping that they wouldn't use stuff in between the lines against riders.
  8. Inexperienced rider is for people who are within their first year of riding.
    If you have been riding for more than 12 months and can prove this (usually through the date of your license) then you shouldn't be regarded as an inexperienced rider.

    It is hard to comment on payout values until after an assessment of the bike has been completed.
  9. Sorry about the crash but good to hear you came out well from the crash.

    There is one thing I am concerned about with your insurance claim and that is modifications. Not trying to scare you or anything, but to let you know just in case it's the worse case scenario. Usually modifications are allowed if they are within ADR standards with proof. With the braided lines...did you have an engineers certificate? Not sure if motorcycle modification laws are any different to cars, but for my car, I need an engineers certificate for the braided lines on it before the insurance company covers me. I would assume it is the same for motorcycles.

    I'm not 100% certain so someone please correct me here...preferably to prove me wrong.
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  11. Thanks Speedy and phongus

    Just contacted IMR and they were very nice in helping me complete the claim. I'm only claiming for the helmet and suit as my gloves and boots are still alright with minor scratches, and he said to just drop off everything with the bike at the workshop.

    Regarding the modifications, I'm just going with his recommendation which is to leave everything on the bike as it is and see what the assessor says. Also since my licence was full back in 2008 when I converted it (had to produce documents back then), I wasn't considered inexperienced. Still I have pictures of the accident scene and other paperwork just in case.

    Thanks a lot once again.. it's certainly better going in knowing what to expect since it's my first and hopefully last time I have to deal with all these.
  12. No problem, good luck with it all and hope you get back on it soon :)
  13. Sounding good so far with your IMR experience. I'm hoping it stays that way, as I'm insured with them, too :)
  14. i have an insurance related query, i'd be glad if someone could clear me up on it. for instance i claim insurance on my bike, would it in anyway have any sort of affect on my existing life insurance policy??
  15. I wouldn't think so - unless of course you have not listed that you ride a motorcycle as a "risk" in your life insurance policy
  16. No, it won't.

    Your motorcycle insurance is general insurance, life insurance is (der) life insurance, they are totally different products with different risk ratings and factors.
  17. Just an update in case anyone under IMR is wondering, received a call from the assessor today and my bike has been declared a total loss. He said I should be receiving the sum soon, but said my riding gear and modifications cover would be taken care of by another person at a later date. I'm pretty impressed with the way my bike was handled and the whole process so far. If they take care of gear and mods cover soon and well, I would really consider swapping my other bike's cover to IMR too.

    Even though I've dropped a rating down, it's still slightly cheaper and I have more confidence in them since its 'proven'. Going through the PDS by the other insurer, I realise it's written in a very defensive way and to their advantage when any at fault claim is made. No where as easy to read and understand compared to IMR. Will see how it goes. :)
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  19. Don't be too trusting, they are all out to make a buck.

    They may just be hiding the nasty stuff elsewhere in the PDS
  20. Ah, okays. Just called IMR and they said the assessor has sent it to another total loss claims dept or something and they'll add the modifications cover then. Should be expecting a call some time later on for details.

    I'll work on the email and send it to you guys asap.
    Thanks for clearing this up, wasn't expecting so many departments. :)