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Insurance claim Q's

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by mirkovic, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. Hi all just wanted to ask what parts could be damaged on a CBR which has fallen on its stand side. It is currently in repairs and was wondering which areas I should be checking for repairs?

    Also if someone in Victoria gets their learners before October, is their path to getting a full motorcycle license reduced?

  2. Nope, full 3 year restriction. No matter what.
  3. They will tell you what is damaged as it is in their interest to get the bill as high as possible for profit.. The insurers adjuster will bring them back to reality.

    You dont really need to worry
  4. It is worrying because there was two things I had to point out. I think they quoted and assessor said no. That is why I am asking. There may be other things.
  5. That shows they were thorough to me.

    Though you may wear to know about the items that were rejected.

    To answeryour original question aanything that you can see could be broken, so that is not helpful so I didn't bother.
  6. What do you mean by wear?
  7. I think that was autocorrrect, it should read "need"
  8. Having issues with the insurer and repairer. Bike has a mechanical problem which was not there before the accident. Both assessor and repairer say they won't fix it unless $$. What else can I do?
  9. What is the mechanical issue?

    You will probably need to get an independent assessor to say that it was caused by the collision. This will cost dollars, depending on what it is it might or might not be worth it.

    It is possible it is coincidence.
  10. dependent on your mechanical issue could be bank angle sensor but would think insurance would cover that so maybe it is coincidence
  11. Without further detail of the mechanical issue or problem, it is very difficult to advise honestly....up to you if you want to let us in on the secret mechanical issue ???
  12. As the bike was on it's side for several days oil has obviously gone everywhere. Now there is damage to the gears which has probably occurred since someone tried to start the engine. It seems to be a broken starter.
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    If it was lying on its side for a few days then there is every possibility that oil has worked its way into the cylinder via the airbox and an open inlet valve.

    DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TURN OVER THIS MOTOR UNTIL THE SPARK PLUG HAS BEEN REMOVED, just in case the above is true and you have the potential for hydraulic lock.

    By the sound of your description, you may already be at the point of hydraulic lock ( ie the piston is nearly at the top of its travel and cannot go any further because of the liquid in the cylinder, Prof. Julius Sumner Miller quite rightly told us you cannot compress a liquid ) That is possibly why the starter is not turning the motor any further.

    WARNING ....attempting to turn over the motor whilst the closed cylinder has oil or any other fluid ( ie coolant etc ) in it, ( ie in a state where hydraulic lock is possible/probable ) can do all sorts of damage ie. bent connecting rod, broken starter gears etc.

    BTW. if my analysis is correct, after draining the cylinder you will also have to top up the engine oil, clean out the airbox and inlet tract. Change the air filter as it will be oil soaked and air flow thru it restricted.
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  14. What does the dealer say needs to be done?
  15. wearntear and that it couldn't possibly be a result of the accident. also that oil flooding everywhere is not an issue after standing the bike up for a while as apparently it drains.
  16. No I mean what does the dealer need says to be repaired?
  17. Oh the repairer says possibly starter clutch but they have to have a look (ie. take fairings off charge labour etc)
    the bike runs ok but not when starting. It makes a crunching like noise when starting (if it starts first time)
    ps bike was started first time at the repairer after the accident
  18. Sounds like the starter clutch may have been damaged or failed.....not unheard of, not fun
  19. When you say not fun?
  20. He means not a fun job.....ie hard, expensive.

    I am not experienced enough with starter issues to say if a drop could cause an issue. So Iwill let ssomeone else advise