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NSW Insurance Claim or self repair?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by hammered, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Hello all

    I currently own a 2011 honda cbr1000rr stoner repsol edition. I have currently owned this bike for around about 2 months now and i treat it like my first born son.
    Today i came out of work to find that someone has knocked it over and then picked it back up without a note or anything !. I really dont know how to feel considering i try and look after it so much and it takes no effort what so ever to ruin the look of a bike.

    The damage that had been done was a crack in the fairing near the windshield and scratches on the engine as well as little chips on the side fairing and the usual foot peg knob.

    Now the two options that i am facing is paying for all the damages myself or going through insurance. If i pay out of pocket im looking at a good $700 or so. If i go through insurance im looking at $400 excess but then my payments will go up.

    So the question i have for your guys is what would you do if you were in the situation i am in. Or if you could bring anything to the table that will be great.

    I have attached some pics

    Attached Files:

  2. Re: Im pissed ! (advice needed)

    Wasn't parked near any business with security cameras was it, if so it can't help to ask if the cameras caught it happening
  3. Re: Im pissed ! (advice needed)

    I would fix it myself.
  4. Re: Im pissed ! (advice needed)

    That blows man. There's a special place in hell for those people. Make sure you check carefully for all damage, my 11 year old bike suffered $3k+ of damage from what was essentially a stationary drop.
  5. Re: Im pissed ! (advice needed)

    I'd be doohan it myself.
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  6. Re: Im pissed ! (advice needed)

    Deffo good advice from waedwe, but I'm sure he meant can't hurt to ask. I would be asking all businesses in the area with camera's and/or people that work around there. You never know, someone might have seen something even if there isn't any cctv footage available.

    Then if you do find out who the prick was and still can't get justice at least you'll be able to get even.
  7. Re: Im pissed ! (advice needed)

    I'd be willing to bet that the person who knocked it over wasn't the one who picked it up.

    Fix it yourself would be my suggestion.
  8. Re: Im pissed ! (advice needed)

    +1 previous posters..........fix yourself

    For the ~$300 deficit I'd wear it and leave it off the insurance books...

    Bummer mate - simply put. Nice bike though (y)
  9. Re: Im pissed ! (advice needed)

    The fairing could be taken to a plollytech person and welded up. The new graphic would cover the slight imperfection left and it would be unnoticeable from the outside. He might point you in the direction of a good panel beater spray painter who could fill and match for the chips in the side fairing. or just fill it will resin and put a whole new graphic on the side as well. But those graphics are not cheap and the Ebay ones dont match the OEM repsol ones.
    The casing I would lust leave. fark it, a nice reminder.
  10. Re: Im pissed ! (advice needed)

    Just get insurance to cover it, whats you've been paying insurance for isn't it?
  11. Re: Im pissed ! (advice needed)

    insurance definatly, rour looking at 300+ just for the casing,
    and id dare say the fairing would be more
  12. Re: Im pissed ! (advice needed)

    Ill definitely look at the site and ask some people and look for some cameras.

    The plastic welder may be a good option. This is why i post on netrider ! lol
  13. Re: Im pissed ! (advice needed)

    I'd go through insurance - most policies protect your no-claim discount these days.
  14. Re: Im pissed ! (advice needed)

    I would get a professional quote and then decide on what to do

    These things add up quickly and if you have a good rating, is your insurance going to go up more than $300 next year. This assumes $400 excess and $700 damage???
  15. Re: Im pissed ! (advice needed)

    Such a shame. The Repsol fireblade is a stunning bike, I just recently got my standard version 2011 Blade.

    Personally I'd fix it myself, it's better to fork out the extra $300 and keep the clean insurance bill. As others said though - ask for camera's around the area and you may be able to make the d**khead who did it pay for it.

  16. Re: Im pissed ! (advice needed)

    mate, see if you can make a police report, its a long shot, but may pay off (won't cost any extra). Criminal damage generally doesn't attract an excess, depending on insurer.

    Slightly off in circumstances, but my mate got beaten up and his car smashed up with a bat, filed a report (though no one charged/brought to face up), and the insurer didn't charge him anything. definitely worth looking into, dunno if that helps.
    good luck in easing the heartache!
  17. Re: Im pissed ! (advice needed)

    I just ordered a new alternator cover for my 2000 Fireblade, including gasket is about $170, ebay would be about $120-130 from the USA.
  18. Re: Im pissed ! (advice needed)

    that sucks bro such a sexy bike too
  19. Re: Im pissed ! (advice needed)

    Mate seriously bad luck. I didn't want to be neg.
    The graphics will be about your excess. Welding will be bugger all.
    If your on 400 hungy exc then you have a good rating. Very good. Who are you with ?? I am 30 years no claim + instructors license and mine is $500.
    Just ring em and tell them you will email the pic's to them. Definite proof it was a strait drop and not an off. Pay the exc and yup I would have the shits too.
    I think you wont lose your no claim or have it raised on you. Well I would hope so.
    It's too nice a bike to to a shoddy job on. Take it in and get all new shoite on it for four hunge and well..what can I say. SUCKS lol
  20. Re: Im pissed ! (advice needed)

    Price up the parts and do it yourself even if it is a few hundred more than the insurance excess, if you are young the insurance company will bend you over come renewal time with increased premiums and a drop in rating. If it was a couple of grand I would say claim in but it doesn't look too bad