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VIC Insurance Claim for Gear

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by stewe, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Last year I was in an accident which was not my fault at all resulting in hospitilisation and the destruction of my motorcycle and the gear that I was wearing.

    I'm trying to do the property damage claim myself, rather than paying through the arse for a lawyer to write a few letters. The claim is against the guilty party's insurance company, I didn't have any personal insurance. I'm okay for the bike itself but have hit a hurdle with getting compensation for the gear as I do not have proof of purchase and the gear was cut off of me by the paramedics and disposed of.

    Does anyone know what chance I have and how to get full replacement value back from the insurance company (RACV) without proof of purchase?

    Anyone know if there are any online court records where I could find something out about previous similar situations?

  2. So you have motorcycle insurance but no gear insurance with that ? Is that correct ?
  3. It can reasonably be assumed that you were wearing a helmet, but not necessarily any other gear. Maybe you can get an agreed amount for a helmet but the rest might be tough.
    Did you happen to pay with credit card or eftpos for any of your gear? You could get a statement that would at least show the amount spent, but not what it was spent on.
  4. If you can show the damaged gear from the accident, it shouldn't be an issue (provided your insurer includes that).

    When I had mine replaced (QBE were very good about all this), they just wanted me to write what the gear was that needed replacing, attach a photo and the RRP of buying new. Then they added that $ figure to my payout (well, deducted it from the excess due to the nature of my accident).
  5. You dont get the RRP on gear anyway, they depreciate it.
  6. I got mine replaced with equal value.
    Had to provide the damaged gear though. Stewe can't do that.
  7. Show me where in your own PDS it says you get old-for-old.

    It's old-for-new, hence the cap that is always applied on the amount you are covered for.

  8. Well thats how QBE operate... and mine wasnt even an at fault claim! To be fair I didnt really look into it at the time as i was more worried about getting better and back on 2 wheels
  9. Yeh well that explains. Next time, make reference to the insurer as T&C are not replicated with all other insurers.

    FYI, QBE provides new-for-old if your leathers are less than 2 years old. If your leathers were purchased over 2 years, they pay you what they are worth at the time of the incident.

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  10. Do you have any photos of the gear prior to the incident? If you have a photo of yourself from prior to the incident showing what you had and then can say how old and what happened to them, there is a chance of getting something back for them.