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Insurance categories

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Spud Gun, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. My understanding of motorcycle categories is that a bike exists in an insurance category, and that is a major factor in the insurance quote that you are given. Its a static thing and cant get increased or lowered on a stock machine. Who decides what bike goes into what category and how do they do it? Is it a federal or state thing that insurance companies follow or is it a corporate policy?

    Anyway, is there a site that lists the insurance categories of bikes so that you know how fleeced you may be before you submit your insurance quote? Insurance category is a huge factor when buying a bike, so it would be good to have a (very long) page containing category headings and a list of all bikes within each category. There doesn't seem to be any such resource in Australia from what I could see. Could we do that here? I would gladly contribute to such a list.
  2. Insurance companies set the risk categories of the bikes based on what their actuaries come up with.

    I've got a two year old copy of a British bike mag which had the category rating for most types of bikes out there, so can't be that uncommon information.

    BTW, I tend to get quotes for insurance before buying a bike :)
  3. The categories are decided by the type of bike. Cat 5 being the highest includes your litre sports bikes, and hypersports bikes. Then as i am not sure where others fit in i cant fit them into categories. Lets say something like a GSX750F, probably be a category 2 or 3. Then a 600 sports might be a cat 4. So depending on what they class as high performance or not and how likely it is to be stolen thats where it fits into a category.. Hope this helps. And yes get quotes on insurance before you buy a big bike..
  4. I know RACV has an online quote thing on their website where you can enter your details and get an estimate. I found that when I reng though I got a better rate. But still not a bad place to start. I also rang the insurance company with a list of what I was thinking of buying which was probably much quicker way as their systems can extract the details quicker than you get them online.