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Insurance - Car license counted for driving years?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by fizmotech, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. As per the title.

    On the online insurance quotes it mentions years driving. Not riding. Does this mean years driving with license can qualify me for my no claims like it does with my car?

    Or is the wording wrong?
  2. Driving counts to your road experience so I cant see why that should not be included. Best check with the insurance company, they're the ones with the cash.
  3. Possibly worded generically.

    Some places only wanted to know about my riding experience, other places took note that I had been driving for 8 or so years prior to getting a bike license.

    With that sort of detail in mind, I find it best to phone them up directly (especially since I've had cheaper quotes from some of the phone-only insurance firms).
  4. In my spare tiem i liek to mess with insurance quote calculators and decided to change values to see the different outcomes.

    I ran a test to see if I varied the "how many years riding" value would it impact the final figure value in an insurance quote and it didn't.

    How ever, when it came to give my car history I foudn it did vary if I changed the value of how many years driving I had.

    So with that said i'm greatful i've behaved and kept a good driving history with the car because it's set me up for the dream run with insurance on the 1050cc Speed.

    Full Comp insurance + $3000 gear cover for $510 per annum.
  5. I went with InsureMyRide because they were the only one that specifically asked during the online quote process how much no claims bonus I have on my car, I said full (which I do) so they gave me 65% straight off, did not even ask for proof!! :)

    They also ask how many years riding experience you have as a separate question, this affects excess on the policy as they have an extra excess for people with less than 12 months riding experience.

  6. i had 65% with nrma 1.5 years ago but no insurance since. it said lifetime. does that mean i go back to the start again or my no claims is protected for life?

    i will ring when i get the chance.

  7. When i got insurance they counted my driving experience and gave me the full 65% no claim bonus.
    The only catch is because im on my L's i have an extra Over 25 but riding less than 2 years excess.
    Apparently its only applicable though if i have an at fault accident.
    If the bike gets stolen then i only pay the standard excess.
  8. thanks all. as others have said, seems it does count but excess maybe higher.

    im going to go with insuremyride. they have an AWESOME website system. unless nrma can significantly better the quote.

    funny though, a $4k drz400 is more to ensure than an $8k r6.....

    however theft only on the drz is only $290pa, so if i go the drz that will be my route.
  9. Just answer the question! :wink:
  10. hahaha yeah pp

    well i stuffed something up, the drz is much cheaper to insure. half to be precise.
  11. qbe wanted to know about driving record and specifically riding exp.
  12. Gday Repsi, I can't PM yet (less than 20 posts). Could you PM me the details of where you got that insurance from?

  13. Cheapest I could find for the FZR 1000 was E-bike

    All online, no forms
  14. ........