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Insurance by AAMI

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Gowron, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. I just got my GT250R insured full comp by AAMI for $738 which I thought was real good for with SWAN is $1800, RACV $2560. So i was very happy to call AAMI and get offerd that nice price.

    I also took my car off full comp RACV of $3900. to $816 with AAMI, and its a RX7

  2. there is no quote on there i pay 1170 for my bike
  3. Swann quoted you $1800! :shock: Thats a serious wad o' cash. I personally didn't find AAMI that cheap, but well done on getting such a relative insurance bargain.
  4. Check the policy to make sure there are no nasties or 'half-truths' in the info that they collected from you, or they may make a claim difficult.

    Good to hear you got some reasonable prices anyway; pays to shop around.
  5. AAMI has that flexi premiums plan.
    You can decrease your annual premium, but increase your excess.

    Its a gamble, just make sure if you have a prang, make it worth while ! :grin:
  6. I just noticed your age - THAT explains why it's so expensive for you!
    Out of interest did AAMI say their insurance would get cheaper as the years pass?
    Cause my BF rang them up about insurance for his CB 1300. he's 31 yrs old, and they told him $1500, plus he would start at rating 6 and never be anything better than rating 5 cause "motorcycles are high risk". He has a rating 1 car licence, they said that doesn't count.

    Swann on the other hand quoted him $730 for the first year on rating 2, then the next year he would be rating 1 & it will be heaps cheaper.

    Insurance for the CB250 for me was $440 through Swann for year 1, will get cheaper in August.
  7. With RACV my rating 1 in a car translated accros to the bike, so i was sub 500 for the Bike insurance
  8. I'm with AAMI up until early next month. After that I'm swapping to WQBE or Swan (through HRCA). I got my renewal last week... From $639 to $892. In the meantime I've had no claims, fines or accidents. As a matter of fact, I've never had any claims, fines or accidents.
  9. I am in my second year of insurance with AAMI, and the rating 5 and 6 thing above is exactly what they told me too. What they do do though, is give you a 'continuing policy' discount, so while it does progressively get a bit cheaper if you dont make a claim, it doesn't translate to a rating discount that you can use to move to another insurer.

  10. I insured my bike with AAMI also, but at the time I had my car insured with them and have lifetime rating 1. I ended up only going with 3rd party on my 92 fzr600, but for memory the full comp was about $250 - $300. I'm sure it worked like falcon said about RACV and my rating 1 just transferred over to the bike which would have made it cheaper.

    I ended up just going 3rd party cause i figure if i'm stupid enough to drop it i'll just pay for it myself - and fix it myself - or at least the boyfriend can fix it :LOL:
  11. Just out of curiosity,
    Any couples gone for insurance and noticed a difference in quotes for male vs female riders?
  12. I rang an insurance company once for a quote, spoke to a girl who sounded like she was pissed off, at one point in the proceedings she gave me two options to pick from, I asked her advice on what I should take and she answered in a basically rude manner that it wasn't up to her what I choose.

    After ringing some other companies the rude girls offer was still the cheapest so I decided to go with them. I rang them back a few days later to go over the details again before going ahead and this time some bloke who sounded friendly was speaking to me, by the time I hung up he had halved the price for me.

    Moral to the story is don't buy insurance from women suffering PMS.
  13. ok i got a question
    im a 17 year old male
    and i was thinking of getting 3rd party property (you know if some dick head makes me hit them and makes it look like me fault and I have to pay for his car) we got lots of tools with expensive sports cars that cant drive.

    What is the best way for me to get it with out having to pay more then my bikes worth in premiums?
  14. generally speaking doesnt matter if you dont make a claim its all about profit. When i was working there last year bike insurance was paying $1.50 for every $1.00 they got so i guess thats a reason for the price rise.

    The old 250 was insured 3rd part for $88 (assuming ur in VIC)

    renewal is not until Nov this year so will have to hunt around for insurance then,
  15. hey camhornet.. my aami insurance jumped from 664 to 814 or along those lines..

    are hrca and wqbe or any others cheaper?

  16. Dont even ride without third party, huge headaches, legal bills and backrupcy await.

    I would be supprised if third party is more than $200 for you no matter what age, bike and record.

    Its a must have thing, not compulsory, but the only reason it shouldnt be is the price would quadruple if it was :roll:
  17. It is always hard to compare policies as well. Many these days have specific clauses as well wich may be important. For example what happens if your bike falls over with the wind and smashes fairings? Is it agreed or market value? How well do they help you if you do need to make a claim? I do not work for any insurance companies, but I have made a claim in the past (not my fault + had a police report substanciating that which helps heaps too) and Bike was towed (was completely stuffed) and had a chq from the insurance company (was agreed value) within 5 days. All I had to do was call them, they sent a form, I signed, I got chq. I am with the same company now and am thinking about making some changes as I went with "market value" this time which means teh amount they would give me, less excess would be about halve what my bike is really worth. Just as a note there, if buying a brand new bike you can get them cheaper by selecting "market value" if the policy states that if claim in first 12 months you get a brand new bike anyway. Can save some $$$ and you shouldnt loose out unless you have heaps of aftermarket stuff.


  18. I was quoted $442 by AAMI for comprehensive.

    I currently pay $200 for 3rd party with Swann.
  19. aami

    2 weeks ago i wrote off my 05 r1 had alarm oggy knobs insured though

    aami for 12 grand, cost me 1200 they brought me an 06 r1 as a

    replacement though bill in adelaide within a week no sh@t then let me

    remove the alarm and oggy knobs to have for my

    new bike new pollicy cost 1800 not bad for new and having a crash they

    where very kind and helped in every way cant go past them great i

    insurance company i think
  20. only for cars they cant ndo it for bikes