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Insurance asking for proof of purchase?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by 6ixxer, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. I've sent my bike to get the ignition replaced under insurance after someone screwdriverd it.

    I've sent insurance co my rego papers, but they say they want proof of purchase. Isn't the bike being registered in my name proof that I purchased it?

    Its not even a full theft where i'm expected to prove the bike existed, its actually at the repairer where they are sending their assessor to look at it.

    It was a private sale and i havent been able to find the note we wrote up. Can they deny the insurance repair if i can't find it?

    Would they just pass it through if i talk to the supervisor of the claims department?

  2. I would suggest that rego should be enough. Not having a receipt is NOT a valid reason to deny / hold up a claim.

    Talk to the supervisor in the first instance. If that doesn't work, go to the cops, swear a stat dec that you are the lawful owner etc.
  3. I wonder how many here have a receipt of purchase of their bike
    I don't know if i still have it.
  4. Tell the insurance company to proove that you dont own it! :LOL:

    If they give you more grief after you put your foot down with them, I would be interested to know what company it is.
  5. If I were you I would be writing up a stat dec.
  6. I think it might go though with just the rego.
    Its not a warranty claim FFS.

    Oh, and i found the note we wrote up, but now its a matter of principle.

    They're paying $50 a day for my rental car, so they can save themselves a few hungy just by getting my bike back to me asap.
  7. I think I know which insurance company are you with. Wank3rs I said to them that the my bike was a gift and it wasn't their business how much my wife paid because it was insured for market value.

    They tried to be smartarses until the big letter to the claims supervisor and the mention of the ombudsman made them speed up the claim.

  8. doesnt matter you pay the premium for that bike. they fix it. you can be insured on a bike if some1 else owns it.