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insurance and track days

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by edgelett, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. someone raised a point with me AFTER i went on my track day: they said insurance doesn't cover you if you drop it

    does anyone know if this is true?
    I'm with Swann insurance if that helps.

    also, is there any insurer that DOES cover you for track days?

  2. Only if your a member of a club that does track racing or meets. Then they do have track specific insurance, but it is pretty limited.

    Ultimately your normal insurance only covers you for road use. The track is definately not that.
  3. Best to check with your insurer.
  4. ok I just rang swann to clarify
    they said provided the day is NOT a 'race day', and is a 'fun day' that is organised by a group or business (i.e Bills) and authorities are present (i.e the ambulance that was there) then it's still covered.


    so yes, I'm covered for 'fun ride track days' just not for 'race days'
  5. I heard the other week that Swann was just about to implement this after numerous rider requests over the years.

    Might just be switching to Swann :grin:
  6. Edgie, everything is just going your way, lately.
  7. Seriously? What kind of 'fun days' qualify for that?
    And would it include commercially run 'ride days'?
  8. By the sound of it, yeah. Check with your insurer too, mate.
  9. Sure... get this in writting. Sounds like BS to me from them. I am with swan and it specifically states that all claim 'off-road' are non-liability.
  10. Read what I wrote. It sounds like it is a new clause by Swann as I heard recently that they were implementing it.

    Having said that, I'd also get it in writing or record the phone conversation :)
  11. Always get it in writing from the bastards.
  12. yes I am chucking them an e-mail tonight about it.
    i plan on doing some more ride days in the future cause i have a taste for it now
    and i'd like to be certain i'm covered!
  13. Goodo. Make sure that you come to Broadford, when you can, to do our school. Bring that band too. No-one had the hots for the Bass Player, but the Singer will be welcomed back.
  14. ah see riding instruction days held at a track ARE covered, it says so in the policy!

    I'll let Nicky Webster know that she's wanted :p
  15. Cool. Does she ride Motorcycles at all?

    Some of the Fellas want to give her Strawberry Kisses.
  16. yes she can, she doesn't have a licence but used to ride dirt bikes all the time on her parents farm, in fact I saw her old kawasaki when we were up there in sept. it wasn't running though.

    we're looking at doing a film clip soon - might be some bike riding in that too.
  17. Cool. My Son can shoot and produce for you, if you need. He is doing the metrakit one right now, with your band as the soundtrack. Can't wait to see it.
  18. Gee, if Swann are going to cover track days then it might be worth going back for full comprehensive. Might be fun trying to prove a 'not at fault' claim though :LOL:
  19. I cant believe Swann are doing that! I spoke to a friend who does bike repairs and deals with all the insurance companies on a regular basis and he said keep away from Swann - they used to be very good years ago but are no good now.

    I'm sure there will be something in there fine print to get them out of it. Regular track days are not covered because of the largely increased risk of an accident on a track day. Even a small spill can write off a modern day fully faired bike! I've heard some insurance companies even offer "agreed value" insurance (which you pay extra for) and when the time comes to collect, they point out a clause somewhere that shows "or market value, whichever is less".
  20. I wouldn't imagine insurance for trackdays would be a workable long term solution for anyone that gets bitten by the track bug. Once you crash a couple of times you wouldn't be able to afford your premium anymore, no?