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Insurance and the likes - 600 and 750

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by blucher_au, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. Hey guys!
    1st i'll introduce myself, I'm Kris and have owned and riden my VTR250 for the last 4 months since my car got taken. Today I got my open bike license and feeling rather comfortable on the 250 (after riding dirt bikes a lot) i'm looking to upgrade to a new bigger bike.

    I'm thinking a 600 Sports - but then why not just go the 750 as resale will be better and i'll probably keep it longer for obvious reasons.

    The main thing i'm worried about (still in the process of riding a heap of bikes and choosing one) - is the additional costs one doesn't consider when looking at BIKE PRICE.

    My car wasn't in my name so i don't have any NCB - and my bike is insured in my name through AAMI for ~$500.

    I have never lost my license or claimed (except the stolen car but I wasn't the insured party) and have no NCB and am 19.5 years old.

    What sort of insurance am i looking at for say a GSX-R600 and 750 and the popular CBR600RR's or the likes?

    Thanks guys for your feedback,
    much appreciated!

    Can't wait to meet you on rides!
  2. Update

    An update:

    Jumped on a CBR 600 RR today no worries in QLD (PRO HONDA) no questions asked... LOVED IT! Painful to ride the VTR 250 home!

    Went to a local Yamhaa shop to jump on the R6 and FZ6 (insurance on naked is heaps cheaper)... and after an hour of talking to a sales rep, I got told by an asshole/blunt manager that unless i 'do my research' and narrow my choice down to 2 or 3 bikes he won't let me hop on either.


    How am I supposed to KNOW what I WANT to buy if I haven't ridden it to rule it out as an option!!??

    The advice I have picked up from this forum is you MUST ride it to know what it feels like to make a decision.

    Moorooka Yamahaa = -10points for that effort.
  3. Simply ring the insurance companies and find out!

    I just did the same. I got prices for about 6 bikes that I am looking at and pretty much ruled one out based on the insurance premium.

    But now I know that the other bikes are all about the same so one less thing to worry about.
  4. Well if you're looking for a new bike, then expect $3000-$4000, plus excess (typically $1000 for your age/experience).

    For comparison, with Rating 1 I'm still getting gouged $1200 with $1000+ excess for insurance on my ZX9R. Age 23, medium risk suburb, locked garage, etc, etc.

    Until you're 25, full comp is ridiculously priced - you choices are get a cheaper bike, get a naked bike (helps a little) or cop it sweet. Personally I'm in the self-insure category until my premiums are reasonable, TPPD only. It just makes no sense to have insurance that I probably won't use even if I do crash (unless it's a complete write-off).
  5. Im paying 1100 for full comp on a 2004 R6. 23 years old, rating 1.
  6. Most sites have online tools for quotes, try westernqbe.com.au or http://www.aristaunderwriting.com.au/

    Oh, and expect to cry once you get quotes, those bikes will cost you a fortune to insure.