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insurance and the grey import(spada)!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by twainharte, Apr 17, 2005.

  1. newbie question:

    just a quick question to those who own an imported honda spada.

    insurance and the grey import! what is the deal?! have yet to purchase a bike and am leaning toward a spada which has been imported. would appreciate any of you here to impart some advice of your success or woes in trying to get insurance for the thing. put simply, i don't want to own a bike that i'll have trouble insuring!

  2. I think about or more than 95% of the Spada in Australia are grey import, especially these few years (15 or more years old easy to import it)

    And I never heard anyone say they can't get insurance for their Spada.
  3. That's interesting, what does insurance for a bike usually set you back?
    I'll be having to insure a FZR250 grey import soon but I only want third party compulsory insurance none of that fancy stuff. (Poor uni student)
  4. Third party compulsory comes with your rego you've got no choice! Extended 3rd party covers anything your bike hits e.g. Rolls Royce b4 you decide not to go comprehensive compare the cost of the premium with the cost of having to replace your bike, it may be false economy!
  5. thanks for that, I got a quote from western QBE for comprehensive and it was like 3,300 a year so that is definitely out of the question considering my bike is only going to cost me 3,500
  6. Fark that try RACV! Bond is market value $2600 insurance is $22 per month full comp!
  7. NRMA does the spada insurance for me.

    NRMA is cheaper for insurance as they only count your driving years, not your riding years. (This is only applicable when you're riding years are below 5, then it makes more sense with other insurance companies).

    They would only insure it for $4400, even though I insisted it was worth more like $2500.

    Cost was $768 for full comprehensive. I was paying $300 before, but this cost was due to my fiancee starting to ride. (Female, under 25, less than 5 years driving expereince, accident in last year).
  8. NRMA quoted me around $450 for full comp on my Spada with agreed value of $4000, but I ended up with HRCA (underwritten by Swann) for only slightly more, cos I wanted helmet insurance and choice of repairer too. The fact that it's a grey was seemingly irrelevant.
  9. On my L's my comprehensive incurance (under finance) was $1k :shock: using SWANN, agreed value for about $5200.

    After I got my P's and no claims (+11months later) insurance dropped to $460 full comprehensive.