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Insurance and Mods

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by TheRealDaniel, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. I want to fit a new can to my CBR250rr however does this put my insurance schedule in jepardy as I advised them that I have no modifications?

    The insurance is through Arista

    what kind of pipe should I be looking at and how much should i pay?
  2. Check with your insurance co..

    I am with Insure my ride and they are fine with Mods, they just charge extra for additions.

    I know WQBE are fine with mods as well..
  3. Ring the insurance company and ask them. If they say it's fine then start worrying about which brand to buy, prices etc.
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  5. Holy shit man! I thought mine was bad at $1400!
  6. yeah thats fugged kish.

    As i said, mine is $1098 with $750 excess. And im half your age!!! :LOL: not quite

    You gotta move outta the ghetto dude. That cant be helping!!! hahaha
  7. ........
  8. Yeah these East African people (or "Tonally Challenged People" as i prefer to call them) are a bit of a problem arent they?? :LOL:

    Insure my ride were pretty good mate. Just remember that i increased my excess and paid in 1 installment. Not monthly.

    Do an online quote and see how you go. Does your insurance co no about your license suspension? Do they need to know?
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  10. Hey can you receive pic msgs on ya phone? Work email is down atm.

    Gotta show you pic of the new housemate........i may have crossed the "just housemates" line with her last night..... :shock:
  11. bro, totally awesome :grin:

    Haven't seen her today, I'll check with her - Cheers Kish :cool:

    They've got 25% off if you book online at the mo, only prob is they only do market value + $2k for mods. If it wasn't for that I have gone with them and saved myself another $500pa!!
  12. :LOL: Nice work MG
  13. Youre a cun$. :LOL:
  14. Have you ever thought about hostage negotiations?


    P.S. thanks for the message MG :wink:
  15. [​IMG]

    Dude that is by far and away the best post I've ever read! :rofl: :demon: Remind me never to cross you :shock: :LOL: I don't think anyone has walked into a worse defeat since the commander of the ANZAC army at Gallipoli said "This looks like a good spot to land chaps!"

    Would you mind if I send this 'transcript' to a lawyer friend of mine in insurance? She'd piss herself laughing!


    Might be calling my insurer tomorrow...

    Just did it bro :wink:

  16. Welcome to the world of the modern call centre mate. I spent a large part of my early 20's being a call centre bunny and TL. There are some class operators in them and also some complete nufties. Unfortunately, the only way you'll ever get real answers is to find someone in there who has been in the job for more than a couple of years and knows the systems inside out and back the front! Why? Complete lack of training as well as a lack of giving a shit. They're generally overworked and underpaid. There's nothing worse than looking up from your current phone call and seeing 400+ waiting in queue :eek:hno: It's quite depressing actually...

    Here's a tip. For everyone. If you want REAL answers, call first thing in the morning. The operator is fresh and their brain is switched on (most times :LOL: ) and they're generally in a good mood and wanting to help you.

    If you're not happy with their answers ESCALATE THE CALL to a supervisor. They HAVE to do it, it's your right. Make sure you get the supervisors name and operator number for future reference. Also, (which you did) have any notes read back to you that were placed on your account to make sure they were done and ask for a call reference number.

    Anyways, you get the gist mate.

    Well done again! :wink: