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Insurance and bike modifications?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by markcpotter, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. Hello All,

    I posted a topic about insurance below and given the responses then I am going to look into getting some sorted out even if it is just third party and theft.

    that aside how have people gone on with non road legal aftermarket add ons for their bikes.

    The bike I have bought has all the following that would fail a road worthy (even though it came with one!) racing exhaust, fender eliminator and flush mounted indicators.

    I have heard of stories previoulsy in the UK where somebody is invloved in an accident and the insurance won't pay out due to items like the above.

    Anybody have any comments or experience of this?


  2. oh they will note it on your policy, and still let you take one out and pay for it, but you sure as shit wont be getting a payout if they get damaged.

    Look at the T*C's. some say if an illegal part gets damaged or CAUSES damage, they wont cover it. Others say ANYTHING ILLEGAL, Go play in a fire.
  3. I suppose what I am trying to get at is say I am involved in an accident (irrespective of fault) I have heard of instances in the UK that any non road legal item on the bike (which I would imagine a lot of people ride around with? has resulted in the insurance being declared null and void.

    Just wondering if people have heard of or had the same experience in Australia if that is the case before buying insurance I am better of turning the bike back to standard - which would be a pretty boring exercise!
  4. best advice? read the terms. and. conditions.
    Any worries, get it IN WRITING that will cover you in full for any/all accidents/damages for the aftermarket items or damage caused by them, even if they wish to state they wont replace them.
  5. have had crashes with aftermarket kit on and been covered. as far as i can tell insurance companies don't mind covering aftermarket stuff as it's usually cheaper than oem stuff.
    example:sv1000 oem mufflers: about $3000
    aftermarket mufflers: $1500 thereabouts.
    little things i don't think matter, but if you get around on slicks with no mirrors insurance companies would love an excuse not to pay out i'm sure. :grin: