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Insurance (Am I the only one ?)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by PJ2, May 7, 2007.

  1. This afternoon I have been comparing Insurance policies and the ridiculous amounts of money that they are charging for learners. (or maybe only me).

    What I am looking to insure; 2007 Hyosung GT250
    20yr old Male
    At fault accident in March 2005
    Parked in a locked garage

    RACV $196 per month for Unlimited KM's and Agreed Comp Insurance (have to ring tommorow for market value quote)

    Western QBE $163 per month Limit of 8000km per year and Market / Comp Insurance

    Insure my ride $1405 annual (inconvenient ) Limit of 10,000 per year. Market/ Comp Insurance
  2. Have you tried AAMI?
    I'm only 19, and had no claims made in the car so I'm paying $600 for the year.
  3. Hiya PJ2,

    Got my insurance quote on paper today for a 22+ (but under 25, so apparently still a rev head) year old male, REALLY high risk suburb, NO garage for the 2007 Hyo GT250R - $968.....Lucky I'm with AAMI? (have a spotless history)

    I do, however, have my Home and Contents insurance with them...Not sure if this affects their quote, I think they pull the figure out of their...Muffler?

    Them's the breaks.
  4. Thanks for that guys. Scottie I rand AAMI and was told that they dont insure in Victoria
  5. I live in Victoria and I'm insured
  6. Hi Mate ,

    I have insured my ZZR-250 with AAMI for 364.00 per year , but 900 excess because i am under 25 .

    Try AMMI
  7. Thast really good because the RACV equivalant is 2200ish.
  8. Try AAMI mate , they have very good prices at the moment .
  9. Hi. I have just done the whole insurance comparison thing recently. Its very interesting what happens as you start to play them off against eachother... QBE advertise on their website they do 'price beats' and they sure do!! make use of this!!! I got a comp quote from QBE at ~$950 down to $436 with a couple phone calls.

    I am under 25, female, (AND SOON WILL BE) on a naked 250 (kawasaki Balius)

    i thought aami was pretty good after hearing my first quote from QBE , it went from 900ish to 600ish. so time to call back QBE. qbe beat it to 580... then by charming the guy and asking all these questions and saying what about third party, fire theft, he just goes "OK how about i put you at rating one and say comp for $436" I was impressed... (perhaps he was trying to get me off the phone! it worked)

    keep in mind aami only cover up to $200 of your riding gear, while qbe cover 4k.

    oh yeah, aami gave me a considerable discount for having two policies (car, bike) with them- but unfortunately, being under 25 with more than 1 modification to my car, they wouldnt insure me for the car.. its worth mentioning that RACV car quote was actually cheaper than AAMI's anyway..

    i am paying $3750 for my bike. my excess is $650. another point to note is the maximum insured amount or 'market value' the company puts on your bike. aami insures my ride up to $5100 whereas QBE will only insure up to $3300.

    Hope this helps.

    EDIT: i forgot to mention that while this is my first bike i actually sat the license some time ago... so that might affect my rating. however you can sweet talk them, and namedrop other insurers... also ask about advanced riding courses reducing your premium...
    the rest still applies; play them off and beware of lower insured values, lower coverage of riding gear, etc...
  10. Im in vic and im also with AAMI. My car is with them with 0 claims and im 19y.o full comp was only $499 where others quoted $2000+ Only been riding for just over 2 weeks as well, they only care about your driving experience not bike.
  11. I just got my renewal from swann wherein they've decided that the market value of my 10/05 vtr250 is now 6435 which I'm not particularly happy with. The renewal was for 304/yr (early payment discount brings it to 289/yr or alternatively about 29/mth). If I can get a reasonable rate for a 7K agreed value I'll happily sign up again. Also worth noting that I've not told them I'm not on my L's anymore so that may bring it down more too.

    Other than that, IMR has decided my bike insurance (no mods and default market value of 7K) is worth about 450. Pfft. Not even competitive and it seems to have gone up since they were first launched. ebike sucked too.

    Not bad for female, 28 yrs, riding a 250 with rating 1 for 5+ years.

    Will be trying out AAMI, Western QBE and maybe RAA (RACV equiv) tomorrow and also seeing whether Swann will negotiate. *sigh* insurance sucks :)
  12. Hi,
    I just got my 2004 VTR250 insured full comp through Swann for $660. Im 23 on bike L's with no rating 1 and no previous car history. I had the same problem, everything for me seemed closer to the $1k mark but swann (only deal with bike shops im told, so i did it all through Redwing Honda) was the best deal.. the lady insured it for $7000 which is $400 above what i paid for it. Seems like an ok deal to me.

    good luck
  13. Annual payment is always cheaper, garaged bikes are always cheaper, unfaired bikes are normally cheaper, less sporty bikes are normally cheaper and riders with clean driving records are always less costly

    Try and combine as many of the above as possible _before_ getting quotes :)
  14. Try $3500 I was paying for the Duc when I bought it at 25 and perfect insurance history. I'd been riding 4 years and there weren't as many options then as there are now.
  15. Try Shannons as well.

    My suzuki 800 costs me about 400 a year for full comp, and my FJ holden, costs me 426 a year, even when it had 600kw in it.
    I had a lotus seven replica with them for the same cost.

    Well worth while to shop.!
  16. I ended up paying $392 through QBE. RACV was $540...
  17. I got my insurance for $370 from AAMI. Same quote from Swann was $382, and insuremyride was $580. I am on a no claim bonus/ rating 1 on my car though so got a discount with AAMI for that.

    (yay!! 15 posts, can now PM)....
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  19. I have had 3 car accidents (all minor) where 2 I have had to claim.
    I am on a rating 5 and I pay $800 a year through AAMI with an excess of I think $1700. I know you said you can't get them to insure you but I would try to use that as an example.

    Danielle, I would like to know more about how you got them to change your rating - I would REALLY like to see my rating advance up the ladder a bit quicker than one star a year if possible. My accidents were really really dumb and I am so frustrated that I have been slugged back to a rating 5.
  20. Experienced or new riders alike...

    I made the mistake of showing up in an area where a dawdling merc 4x4 decided to turn right without indicating when I tried to overtake. I clipped him, went
    over the handle bars and the bike slide to the left. When lying on the road waiting for the ambulance I saw the merc's indicator running and the driver making it a point to keep it running while the police arrived. As such,
    I was deemed in the wrong

    The bike was ridable so I took it to a local dealer for repairs. They said I was in luck! There was an assessor from Swann due in the next day. Lucky because they only
    show up on a fortnightly basis. I found out that the assessor did show up but couldn't do anything as he didn't have the work order. Two weeks passed. The bike got
    assessed but it was another three weeks only after I did some digging that the dealer still didn't have any authorisation to order parts let alone do the repairs.
    Another three weeks later, I finally got the bike back; two months later.

    Do yourself a favour. Stay away from Swann Insurance. If you're already with them, don't have an accident especially if the other driver drives an expensive car.
    It's easier for them to hammer you with a loss of no-claim bonus than authorise lawyers to go after the rich.