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insurance affected by speeding fines?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by HANDSY, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. hey all,

    im in the process of looking for a bike and getting my license. just wondering, with insurance, is the cost going to be affected by having speeding fines? is there any way an insurance company will check and not give yo full comp, or charge you more than normal, or is it only crashes and stuff that they are worried about. ive had my license since OCT last yr, just after i turned 18, and have had 5 fines and lost 12 points. yes i no stupid, you shouldn be aloud on the road, etc.....etc....because i have been looking for quotes on a RVF400 and can only seem to get third party.


  2. not sure if they do check up on it, but they do ask you and you have to honestly answer them.

    I got quoted 2200 for full comp with Western QBE and 1800 from insuremyride iirc.

    I nearly cried :(
  3. It can affect your premium or excess.
    Non disclosure can give an insurer grounds to cancel your policy even after an incident. As such you pretty much are not insured. If you note almost all policies have as the last disclosure items something along the lines of “anything that may affect us insuring you’ (or the like) this is there general catch all to be able to cancel a policy if anything fishy is happening. Insurers can get access to your driving record so lying to them is a bad thing
  4. yes..its one of the questions they ask..
    yes it will affect the price of your premium & yes it will affect if they will even insure you..
    good luck with it mate.. :)
  5. Let's see - 18 y.o, bad driving record, and you want comprehensive insurance on an RVF400?
  6. I'm 24 now, no speeding offenses, no claims ever, no accidents (touch wood)
    but on L's for my motorcycle licence.

    Once I get on my P's should my premium come down from $2200 or am i gonna be stuck paying that for a while?
    Would really like to get the bike full insured... I feel so naked without it :p
  7. Well, QBE aren't fazed by a point or two for a 40 yo with full no claims and a previously good record. One of the reasons for my previously good record was the knowledge that if I got myself busted, I'd never be able to afford bike insurance again, so I was bloody careful about times and places for my indiscretions.

    I can see an 18 yo who's managed to rack up 12 points in less than a year being regarded as a poor risk though.

    Consider yourself lucky that they're even quoting third-party, cough up whatever they demand, keep your licence and your crash record clean from now on and try to develop a no-claims bonus.

    I would recommend not lying to your insurers regarding your record. At best your insurance is likely to prove invalid if you have to make a claim. At worst, it could be regarded as fraud.
  8. From what I've seen so far, the type of bike you insure has a lot to do with how much you pay. Age is also another factor, I'm over 30 and only paid 6-700 for my insurance, but my bike is a dual purpose classification. I went through Western QBE when I bought my bike.
  9. +1

    you are dreaming mate. no insurer will want to touch you. and if any company decides to throw you a bone, expect it to be at least 1/2 of the bikes total market value (~$3k), per year.
  10. I got the same thing but I was kinda expecting high premiums anyway. Being 21, no experience and on a high risk popular bike my premiums were $2000. Then I had a look at my next bike (06 r6). It would cost me $4k to insure it...
  11. So how much would insurance be for a 18 yr old, no bike experience, clean driving record on a $600 bike?
  12. I'm led to believe (I could be wrong) :-k that only the police and not insurance companies (or for that matter, anyone else) can access your police records. It is a criminal offence to divulge this information and I think it may contravene the privacy act as well. [-X
  13. I've never been asked about driving fines - and have had multiple claims (not at fault however) despite having one undisclosed speeding fine.

    I hope you're right!
  14. I am pretty sure u will be right with one undisclosed fine. You would only need to worry about it if u racked up 12 points in less than a year, but then you tell the company that you havent been done for speeding and still have full points on your license.
  15. i wish

    when that punk hit me a month ago, i had to have my driving record printed out from the rta and sent to Western QBE, even for a non-at-fault claim. failing to provide this paperwork will probably see your claim remain unprocessed
  16. In 1988 (i was 18) i bought a SS torana 2 door V8..cost me $5000 at the time and the only company to insure me was NRMA for $4400..i said f*&% that...

    i was lucky, never hit anything in two years..did several axles, two diffs and gearbox though lol

    but i just realized there is something good about getting old...insurance premiums get lower !!

    $625 full comprehensive , $400 excess for a 12K VFR
    sorry kids...your turn will come :)
  17. The disadvantages of insuring a bike when you are young is the high premiums on the High Powered machines that the young ones want to buy.

    If they all started out on Motorcycles they can afford to purchase and insure and got their insurance up and running with that Motorcycle it will reward them in the end.

    The advantages of getting old is that your Insurance gets cheaper as you young ones are finding out here.

    The '04 VTR250 I just traded only cost me $$240/yr fulll comp on my L's. never made a claim either

    My current ride '08 CB400 costs $300/yr full comp for me cos I am over 40 and have been sitting on a rating 1 since 1987.

    But I am wearing an L Plate again until I can find some time to book in for my upgrade R Class.
  18. I have just started riding and am still on my L's. When I filled out the online quote from NRMA it asked me how many years of driving I have had without a claim. Even though I was filling out the motorcycle specific quote. I have had my car licence for 15 years without a claim. Do they mean years of riding?
  19. Bigjula.

    we dont work for NRMA.
    ask them, and it might be the right answer,
    not just a funny answer :wink:
  20. When I bought the VTR250 New and was on my L's with Insurance thru Swann and Honda Riders Club the deal was HRCA members can use their car no claim bonus rating whilst on the learners provided they are over 25 yrs and their Motorcycle is 250cc or under. Bonus

    So put in 15yrs (you are on rating 1 aren't you) you should have the option to use your rating on the bike