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VIC Insurance advice

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Jet9902, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    Please excuse me for being a little slow on all this, while I love bikes, never owned or ridden one in my lifetime so it's all new to me.

    I'm after a little advice on the insurance side. I have purchased a Ninja 300 ready for when my son is 18. As he is underage the bike will be registered in my name. Of course he, or I are unable to ride the bike, however my partner has a full bike licence and will be listed as the main rider of the policy to start with.

    I do have a quote from Peter Stevens which is Swann Insurance, which apparently can be placed in my name listing my partner as the main rider and they advised that my riding is listed at 1%. I did not really understand all this. She also advised that when my son has his learners to list him as another rider as it's better than changing the policy.

    Obviously I'm trying to compare prices but even on Swann website if I state that I don't have a bike licence that they can't insure, I've had the same issue on insure my ride. Other sites don't ask this question, so I'm a tad confused.

    I know I can insure and register a car in my name if I didn't have a licence, can I do so with a bike??
  2. The insurance company can set whatever conditions they like on their own policies, so what you can and can't do will vary slightly between companies. I don't believe there is any law that stipulates you must have a license, after all you could in theory just be a collector. It might be easier to just put it in your partner's name if they have a full license.
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  3. Before you insure with anybody, shop around. Compare prices and coverage, it is surprising the differences, also make sure they know the full story, if you need to claim and your claim is different, they will not pay!!!. Everybody has good and bad stories about insurance companies, I have one going on at the moment that I will share very soon. Think very seriously about putting your son through an advanced rider course as well, it may save you on premiums, as well as saving your sons life.