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Insuarance company tips

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Cheswick, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. First off , hi to all as you can see tis is only my second post.
    Which insurance company do you recommend? This doesn't mean the cheapest though.
    Any good feedback on claims that have been made would be great.

  2. Hi Cheswick
    After 20 years away from ownership of a bike, I just got a Honda 600F Hornet. I have also been lucky enough to have had company cars for the last ten years so I have no personal insurance history.
    I am 55 years old, but I got full cover for the Hornet from Western QBE for just $292.00 inc gst, with a $350 excess, all over the phone. I called them on Monday and gave my details, and the paperwork was at my house on Wednesday, paid ove the 'Net last night and it was done and dusted. Give them a call!!!
  3. Here's a tip - Shop around. For my CB250 QBE - $236, Swann - $320, RACV - $420. Went with Swann as they gave things like $300 excess compared with $350 etc.
  4. So you paid an additional $84 in order to save $50 on your "possible" excess?
  5. Nope, other reasons as well. QBE wouldn't insure the bike as I wasn't an L plater at the time, whereas Swann insured the bike for fire and theft which is rating 6 and then allowed me to convert to fully comprehensive and they took into account rating 1 on car, when I passed my L's and then refunded part of premium, about $70 if I remember correctly.
    Will probably change to QBE when the year is up as I now have house, contents and car (which I didn't have when I bought my bike) with them and can get further discounts.
  6. For the specialised providers Western QBE is, under most conditions/bikes, currently the cheapest provider. I was informed last week that Swann recognise this fact and are apparently reducing premiums within the next month or two.
  7. Ahh it's nice to know you made the right choice AFTER you made it!!
  8. HEY how many posts do you have to make before you graduate from being a newbie, or is that related to the fact that I haven't owned a bike for the last 20 years?
    BUT it's fined up in Wollongong, the Hornet is now insured and a long weekend beckons, oh frabjous joy, callooo callay
  9. Thanks for that, only 5 to go and I'm a lurker. Do I have to notify anyone that I'm lurking?? Is lurking a communicable condition?? Are there degrees of lurking, ie lurking with intent??? And have you read the Pratchett book with the two ghosts lurking in the graveyard? They were champion lurkers, in fact, he said, if Bruce Springsteen had written a song called "Born to Lurk", they would have starred in the video!
    DON'T answer this, just kidding!!!!
  10. Here is the full "Lurking" quote, hilarious, if you haven't read any Pratchett, Good Omens is a great book on which to start.

    Good Omens.

    Two of them lurked in the ruined graveyard. Two shadowy figures, one hunched and squat, the other lean and menacing, both of them Olympic-grade lurkers. If Bruce Springsteen had ever recorded 'Born To Lurk', these two would have been on the album cover. They had been lurking in the fog for an hour now, but they had been pacing themselves and could lurk for the rest of the night if necessary, with still enough sullen menace left for a final burst of lurking around dawn.