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Instrument Illumination Modification.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Oldboy69, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. Hello all.
    I am hoping someone can point me in the direction of somebody reputable thatwill do some illumination mods to my cluster. I have a 2002 Honda ST1300 which has very poor backlighting AND the lcd screen is virtually unreadable during the day. I want to have the lighting changed to high output LED's and the lcd reversed. I know this can be done in the U.S. but i am reluctant firstly to send the instruments there and secondly to pay the associated postage. I have contacted a few instrument repairers here in Melbourne but they are all reluctant to do it.
    Does anybody know of someone that would be willing to do this.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  2. Have you looked online for how-tos by others who have done either mod?

    Also, if you don't have a hard or digital copy of your bike's workshop manual, getting hold of one would be a big help, and not just for this matter.

    If getting at the rear of the dash isn't a total nightmare on your bike, DIY could be a better option than someone charging like a woulded bull because they don't want a fiddly job or just not really knowing what they're doing. It's a popular mod for a lot of bikes and seems quite simple to do on some, but not others.

    Jaycar has LEDs for auto instrument backlighting -


    The T10 LEDs might be the ones your after, but you'll have to check that for your bike.

    For the LCD display, I believe that's fairly simple for those who know how, but getting at it could be more tricky still than the backlighting, and could well be less (if at all) doable on some displays than others.

    With this too, someone on the Internet may well have done it themselves, and again, a look at the workshop manual might lessen the rollicking daunt that Japanese bike designers seem to delight in building into their faired bikes.

    For that, having struck out where you've looked so far, I'd try further afield by asking around some consumer electronics repairers, a few of which still seem to be found mostly in back streets, possibly the odd PC shop that might have someone who knows component repairs, and more outside the square, musical instrument repairers that deal with electrical sound gear, much of which has LCD displays. Failing all of that, getting onto someone who repairs gaming machines could also turn up someone who knows their stuff.

    I suspect reluctance to tackle a bike-mounted LCD by someone who doesn't do bike type work would be common sentiment, though, and it's probably not worth their while unless you're willing to pay enough to tempt them.

    Failing that, it might be that your bike's LCD has faded and the loss of contrast is the the problem. You could get lucky and score a new or newer (less hours) one for less than small ransom. Again, that's some scoping around.
  3. Thanks for the reply there.
    I have done some research on this and it really is beyond what i am prepared to tackle. The LED's are actually soldered surface mount which i am not confident to be able to de-solder and re-solder. The reversal of the LCD i would also not like to attempt. I would be confident in removing the cluster from the bike though. There is a mob that does this in the US but i am also reluctant to send the cluster to them. ( http://www.bluegauges.com/motorcycle/st1300.htm ). I was hoping someone here in Australia and preferably Victoria would be able to do it.
  4. Thanks Buddy. That is the type of place i was after. I have tried about 5 or 6 here in Melbourne but they are only interested in doing repairs to issues they know about. I will shoot this mob an email with the linky that i posted above and see if it is possible. If anyone else knows of anyone who is prepared to do tis, please give me a yell. Particularly if they are in Melbourne.
  5. Asked this many times, just get treated like a spastic. Didn't really know how to ask for it either. If you find someone or have gotten it done by now, I'd love some photos and whether you'd recommend them. I can barely see mine of a night, let alone day. Plus green isn't my thing. Let me know!
  6. what bikes it on mark?
  7. Some different enough, to possibly require a totally different specialised but it'd be worth a shot. My 88' CBR 250R. Old style speedo/display. As to why it's dim. Uses a bulb instead of LED's too, wouldn't mind converting.
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    Highly appreciated!
    - Thank you! ;)

    Edit: Nothing other available than green? sigh. Well, bright is better.
    Know anyone that'd do installation? - Once again, thank-you!
  10. I've done this on both my old GS500 and the current zx9r. Both had that crap yellow tinge and were pretty dim, I looked in the Haynes manuals to see the size, but you can also just take one of the old bulbs out, take it to jaycar and they can tell you what size it is.

    Both times I got 4xled bulbs (white) from jaycar x however many bulbs I needed. It was then a simple matter of taking the old bulbs out of the holder, replacing them with the shiny bright 4led bulbs and then putting the holders back in their holes. Both were little rubber holders on the ends of leads, just need to wiggle the old bulb to get it out and press the new one in.

    GS was easy, only had 2 bulbs, on the zx9 there are five, each more inconveniently positioned than the last, I ended up taking off the windscreen to avoid having to disconnect and remove the cluster because I'm lazy and hate reconnecting the Speedo and tacho cables.
  11. Thanks Bluer6. I have emailed them this morning. Hoping they can do it as it is only 20 minutes from my place. Problem with my cluster is that the led's have to be soldered in as they are surface mount. Fingers crossed.
  12. OK. I have had some correspondence back from Carmo and Ecliptech and neither of them are willing to have a go. So back to the drawing board. Any new idea's out there?