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Instrument cluster - Dull at night

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Jez79, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. Just wondering if anyone has had this problem. By Day, my speedo/tacho etc are fine (white background etc) but at night, the backlight barely lights them up and I find it quite hard to see. Just wondering if it would be the backing paper, the bulb or something else??

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Most likely a blown bulb.

    You can buy push-in replacements at most servos.
  3. And when you do, get a slightly higher wattage to make the instrument panel just a bit brighter.
  4. so the higher wattage wont cause the plastic to distort and warp through extra heat? would be nice to know as the bulb had blown in the speedo for the vtr and its 1.7 watts only available from the dealer
  5. I'm running from memory, 3 watt or perhaps even 5 watt, the casing isn't showing any sign of warping or heat. (But the 90/130watt headlight bulb makes the (plastic) front glass kinda warm :LOL:.) I got the instrument bulbs from a norml servo, by the way....
  6. Better yet just pick up an LED globe. Seen a few places stocking ones that directly replace standard auto globes (including insturment lighting) and although they're pricey (around 10-15 bucks) they don't produce heat and, in theory at least, last forever. Haven't tried them yet myself though.
  7. yeah i was looking at some blue leds for my cluster but was unsure as they are 5 watt and the exsisting bulbs are 1.7
  8. bulbs whats
    get some glow in the dark paint and dip ur instrument needle in it.
  9. Thanks for the responses everyone, will pull apart the cluster tonight and try and find where the bulb goes in.
  10. I put some 3 watt globes in my instrument panel, couldn't get 1.7 even from Honda.

    Nice and bright and not too hot, after all they are only slightly higher wattage.
  11. The main problem with LED's is they tend to be rather directional and as such you need to get an array of them and splay them out in all directions (or intended directions). An incandescent globe without a reflector will simply emit light almost uniformly in all directions.
  12. Use the higher wattage, you will have no problems.
  13. True, although a single LED aimed in the right direction can still work - this is what a lot of modern cars are using. And don't forget that an LED is a lot brighter since it's not losing light in other directions or wasting energy producing heat.