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instructions using a car gps on a bike

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by daedalus, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. hi

    i have a car gps (tom tom one) that i would like to use on my motorbike (kawasaki gpx250).

    i can buy a mount from ebay, however how would i charge the gps?

    i have searched and people here mention doing an electrical mod. However i havnt found any instructions.

    can someone please point me to a tutorial?

    or better still is there an off the shelf product that allows me to charge my gps on my kawasaki gpx250?

  2. Although I haven't had any personal experience with bike GPS, I would imagine that they're waterproof/resistant and that they've got much more forgiving touch screens (so you can use them with gloves). I'm guessing that although a car GPS might do the job, you'd be better off just spending the money on a bike GPS if you really want one.
  3. but how would a bike gps charge itself? wouldnt it be the same problem? unless it runs off batteries.

    that is an option however i want to consider the car gps option first
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  5. What you need is an accessory Cigarette lighter type plug socket,I got one from a boat place,much better quality to the crap mostly around,wire it into the battery with a fuse,there also handy to charge your Mobile.You can also mount the GPS into a wet box,sold by the Ram people,its a waterproof box used on boats with a soft plastic cover that allows access to the screen,you then need to drill a hole to get the power cable attached
  6. thanks.

    so i have to drill a hole to give me access to the battery, then wire up a cigarette lighter port to the battery?

    how hard is it to wire the lighter to the battery? just run it in parallel?

    is there any other way that doesnt involve drilling? :p
  7. Dont know about the wiring,a mate did it,I mounted the cigerette plug next to the dash,mounted the wet box,they come in 3 sizes on a handlebar Ram mount,the box is plastic and has a snap top that is completely sealed,you need to drill the smallest hole that will let the power cable into the box,and plug into the GPS,maybe 8mm,easy to do.
  8. Depending on whether or not you want to continue to use the GPS in the car or not, you wouldn't even need a lighter port. Strip back the wires in the power cable to the GPS, go buy yourself two 16-gauge speaker wires and crimp female terminals onto the ends of them, then crimp the matching male terminals onto the stripped GPS wires. Find a ground cable anywhere on the chassis (or make your own :p ) and connect up the power cable to a switched source (like the horn as stated previously)...
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  10. Just to make it perfectly clear,car GPS is not waterproof,if you want they can be held in a waterproof box,just like the lunch box you had as a kid,to run the GPS power cord to the GPS you need to drill a hole in the plastic box,don't drill a hole in your tyres,petrol tank any other part of the bike or your fingers,or if your not keen to do any of this then buy a bike specific GPS,they start at about $1000 and are waterproof.I did the former with a Tomtom 720 and after a lot of rooting about it works well.
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  12. acc socket - $15
    wire - $5
    relay - $6
    plugs - $2
    heat shrink - $5
    fuse (in holder) $7

    2 hours - free

    need to know how ?
  13. thanks for the replies. i think i will mount it first and use it without a battery, then think about whether i need to mod the bike to allow charging.

    I haev a gpx250. there sesm to be many types of mounts, can someone recommend me one i can buy and where is a cheap place to buy it?

    i read about RAM mounts and looked at various diff RAM mounts (there are many types) on ebay go for about $50-$70 shipped, which seems abit expensive
  14. they all cost heaps. either make one or just use the suction cup onto the fuel tank
  15. Ram mounts are well made and I think worth it. Contact them directly
    I e-mailed first telling him what I needed, then rang to finalise it.
  16. and really they dont cost that much. a few cases of beer.
  17. update: bought a ram mount, works excellently. now to figure out how to charge it
  18. See replies in your other thread - if you install a 12V cig lighter-style socket under the seat you don't need to mod anything, just run the charger under the tank (or even just around it if you want to be able to remove it often.)