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instructions on wiring up bike to charge via USB

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by daedalus, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. Can someone help? my understanding so far:

    Buy a battery to USB transformer (12v to 5v). Wire it up directly to the battery. Will be live all the time. Potential to fry the battery if the device connected tries to draw too much power

    I stumbled on this site for my bike: http://faq.ninja250.org/wiki/What_are_these_wires_that_aren't_attached_to_anything?
    it seems a connection to the battery already exists, so all i have to do is wire up the 12v tro 5v transformer to the leads? is this right?

    i also read about wiring up my own fuse so the device cant fry the battery. is this hard to do?

  2. Why not wire in a 12vdc socket that can be used for a range of things then use a simple usb charger cable which has the voltage stepdown built in?

    I bought a fused 12vdc socket kit off ebay for about $12. Easy to wire in and I can use my 12v compressor for tyres and recharge my phone / mp3 player / gps as well.

    Just a suggestion :)
  3. Just go to Jaycar and buy their cigarette plug thing. One end is crocodile clips, other end is a 12 V socket. Plug a USB charger in and away you go (or car phone charger... very handy being able to charge my phone under my seat on the way to work)
  4. You can tap a charger into any 'hot' 12V line and a neg/ground wire - the easy ones are the dash, headlights, tail-light since they are always on when the bike is turned on. If you want it powered when the bike is not on, go straight to the battery. In-line fuses are cheap and as easy as they sound - snip the wire and connect the ends to each side of the fuse.

    If you have the room for a 12V 'cigarette lighter' style socket that can be handy for other stuff, as mentioned above.
  5. sorry i am new to this

    so if i get a 12v cigarette charger, all it is is a cigarette port connected to the battery (either via headlights etc or direct) by a cable, no transformer?

    then i buy a cigarette to usb adapter that transforms the 12v to 5V?

    can someone tell me if the accessories lead in this pic is 12v that leads to the battery?

    how would i go about waterproofing the cigarette port and usb adapter? my initial plan was to have everything under the seat and only use it when not raining
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  7. Really hard to tell from just the photo. If you have a multimeter check for 12V between the two wires when the bike is switched on, and check that there's no power when the bike is off. That will tell you. It does look promising, as a neg or earth lead is almost always black/white, so it would make sense that the other in the pair was a power feed.

    You can buy 12V sockets that are designed for boating/marine applications which have a waterproof housing and cap. Check out a Whitworths, or even a general outdoors/camping shop. Otherwise the Jaycar one in grange's link will do fine, just snip off the aligator clips if you want to install it permanently.
  8. run a line from the + terminal on the battery into a relay set-up which is wired to your parking light wire. then onto the cigarette plug. You can even buy the relay kits already wired. For the negative Wire it to the nearest metal part of frame.

    I installed a Twin 12v Cigarette socket under the seat in mine, with 30 amp wire, running a 10amp fuse. Mine is currently wired hot all the time, as it comes in handy to top up a phone/gps under the seat while your having a coffee. You can also if you look around find a switching option which automatically cuts power to the plugs if the available battery power drops too much.