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Instructed Motorcycle Rides - Yarra Ranges Council

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by CommSafety, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. Full day rides including instruction from accredited Honda Australia Rider Training (HART).
    When: Sunday 23 November 2014
    Where: Toolangi Ride (Lilydale–Toolangi- return)
    Learner/Return Riders
    Website: http://www.yarraranges.vic.gov.au/Lists/Events/Instructed-Motorcycle-Rides-Toolangi
    When: Sunday 30 November 2014
    Where: Reefton Ride (Lilydale-Reefton-return)
    Experienced Riders
    Website: http://www.yarraranges.vic.gov.au/Lists/Events/Instructed-Motorcycle-Rides-Reefton
    Start Time: 9am, arrive at 8.30am
    Finish Time: 4pm
    Cost: $65 (not including lunch)
    If you are interested in attending one or both of these rides please refer to our website for further details. Hurry places are limited and bookings are essential.
    If you have any questions please email Amelia at

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  2. These sessions are good, if they're the ones I'm thinking of. However, there's something that those who wish to attend need to be aware of:

    You'll need to ensure that your bike is in good roadworthy order, as they do detailed safety checks while you're in the morning classroom session. If your bike doesn't come up to standard, you won't be permitted to go on the ride.

    My brake pads were down to 1.1mm remaining (measured when I removed them a few days later) and I wasn't permitted to go on the ride that I booked in for (I thought that saying "no" to 1.1mm of brake pad was a bit harsh, but it's better than being lax). A couple of guys weren't permitted to go on the ride because they had sub-legal tread depth on tyres.

    I'm all for these rides, so don't get my intentions wrong. If you intend to attend, do your maintenance ahead of time to avoid disappointment.
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  3. #3 AdamA, Oct 20, 2014
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2014
    Did you get a refund?

    I would be pissed if I turned up to this as a new learner wanting to learn about motorbikes and get turned away because you didn't know enough about motorbikes.

    Anyways, I told my other half @Kellie15@Kellie15 about the Toolangi ride.

    It would be interesting to know how many instructors there are to riders. If they assess you for 5minutes, that would be lame. But if they assessed you for an hour then it would be great.
  4. Do they care about loud exhausts :singing:
  5. Just registered for the Reefton ride. $65 is cheap training.
  6. I signed up on the website for this, and was recently sent the forms to sign. However, especially given that the event will take place on public roads, I'm not willing to sign the standard HART indemnity form and not hold "Honda and its officers, employees, agents and contractors" liable for anything even if "caused or contributed to, directly or indirectly, by any act or omission (including negligence) on the part of Honda or any of its officers, employees, agents or contractors."
  7. Interesting... did you have to pay upon signing up?
  8. Payment information was sent in the same email as the indemnity forms, I can't imagine anyone would pay if they were not going to sign the forms.
  9. Just curious. In what scenario do you think HART should be responsible when this training is conducted on public roads?
  10. Probably if they took you on a road that was covered in loose stones and a few came off. You'd have reason to get compo for that I reckon.
    Or they took you were drop bears are a plenty. It's peak season for drop bears atm.
  11. I don't think they should be responsible for anything other than reasonable and responsible duty of care, but the indemnity form even sets aside that expectation.
    I also don't think that I should have to waive all legal rights in regard to Honda employees and associates and not hold them responsible if they are negligent, if they make a mistake, deliberately do something wrong or stupid, or otherwise cause an accident while on public roads.
  12. Interesting. I can see where you are coming from. If I had a crash at a Hart training course during L's in their complex due to poorly maintained surface, instructors doing something wrong... etc, I'd actually think they are more responsible as they are in a controlled environment which is maintained and belongs to them.

    On a public road, anything can happen to the road. I would just see the instructors/hart employees as just another bike on the road, no difference between them or any other road user doing something stupid. Plus you're the one in control of the bike.
  13. I'm with andyhui01 on this, you can't expect them to take responsibility for your fcuk ups on a public road. If someone tells you to ride through a stop sign without looking, and you do it, it's your problem, not the guy who told you to, even if he has a bucket load of letters after his name.
  14. I agree totally.

    However the indemnity form specifically excludes liability for anything (except gross negligence) that any Honda associate may or may not do accidentally, deliberately, negligently or stupidly. It does not say that I can legally consider them to be just like all other road users - which would be totally fine with me.

    I don't know the legal ins-and-outs and maybe traffic/common laws would over-ride the indemnity form if a Honda associate was at fault and caused and issue on the road, however the form is so carefully worded and specific that I was not comfortable finding out later on.
    Again I totally agree.

    However the form says that I agree to not hold them liable for their fcukups, no matter the cause (including negligence and deliberate acts) which I do not agree with.
  15. Well, I signed the "I'm ok for the HART guys to kill me" form. Anyone else going on the Toolangi learners ride?
  16. When is it? I might give the Mrs a slip for a while, and buzz you all while you're standing at important places, receiving tuition. ;)
  17. If your doing this could you post a review of the day here ! I did this about 5 years ago ,to be honest it wasn't training more like tips from the 2 hart riders .
  18. its on this sunday. I'll do my best to give you guys a review of the day :)
  19. I got home from work to find that the Mrs has a family outing planned for Sunday. Looks like I won't be giving you guys a fly-past after all. :(

    Is the bike still feeling better after you fixed the alignment? Of was it the placebo effect? ;)
  20. I know the feeling mate, enjoy your day :p

    The bike is still good, was defs out of alignment.
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