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Instinctive Reaction

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Sweeris, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. I have always wondered about my reaction in an emergency situation. I know most inexperience riders would just throw down the hammer in a sticky situation. I know I'm one of them. I have tried to change that and recently I have just finished my P's as well and that gave me practice and it prepared me for what happened to me last nite coming home on my bike.

    Last night I was on Auburn road(single lane road) heading north (just came off from the freeway). This is when my mind was starting to drift off thinking about something. Then I checked the mirror for cars behind then when I looked up there was a car dead stop infront of me waiting to turn right. It was less than 10m away and I was doing 60kph. I didnt even have the time to say sh!t when my instict took over and swerve out on to the bikelane and passed the car doing 55kph on the bike lane. all I saw was the brake light of the car and the right indicator on(the light still on not flashing when I saw it, must b a split second when I reacted).

    Now im starting to see the difference between experieneced riderand an inexperienced one. I might have hit the car if I had less experience and if I didnt do the P's course so recently. I know I was stupid not concentrating on the road. But this is probably when all the experience comes in.

    I just wanted to get this incident out of my head. The image of the back of that car is still floating in my head. Also how close and fast I passed it.

  2. you just got lucky dude.
  3. That's what I keep thinking.....
  4. It was a bit of good luck there Sweeris - but having the skills learnt at the P's course, still fresh in your mind, would have assisted heaps.

    Well done on avoiding what could have been quite a nasty little mishap!
  5. MSN3DPhew.
    Definitely a case where slamming on the brakes wouldn't have been the thing to do, so your freshly practised skills might have helped out. So glad to hear it wasn't an accident thread!
  6. Surprisingly I wasnt really shaken up by it. I just told myself to be more careful. After the incident it didnt come back to me utill I got home and realized how close I was to the car.

    Must have been both luck and the stuff I did in the couse...
  7. Was going down the eastern freeway and had to swerve/counter steer to avoid an Esky and the lid which was sliding across the road from somewhere.

    You start to know when you're gaining experience when you have near misses and no longer feel shaken up about it.

    That's what I think anyway.
  8. You got lucky with that one Anak :shock: ...I mean...lucky that you looked back ahead in time to do something about it, mate. :)

    Otherwise, luck had nothing to do with it...your instictive reaction was the correct one. Something that can only come with time in the seat, training, and a desire to practice your skills and really make a study of your bike riding.
    Kudos to you!. :grin:

    That image of the back of the car will likely stay with you for a looooong time - that's a good thing.
  9. If you find your attention drifting, you could try talking to yourself about traffic and potential hazards to keep focussed. You should never be a passenger on your bike! :eek:
  10. Far more important to be looking forward, especially in traffic!
    You got lucky today, was just good reflexes.
    Leave a slightly larger gap, and only quickly check those mirrors, they don't tell you too much, certainly not enough to stare into them for seconds. Consider riding towards the centre of the road as well, you don't have to move as far if this sort of hazard pops up.
    This is where being a boring rider and leaving that extra time(yes time, time to react, to think) pays off.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Since the incident, I dont find myself drifting from the traffic as much now. Its alot harder for my attention to drift from the traffic. I guess this is a good thing....

    One thing which I think contributed to the near miss was that I've been practicing swerving to avoid pot holes, drain lids and stuff on the road. So I think I got it drilled in to my head not to brake in the first instance in an emergency. If I had less time on the bike Im pretty sure I would have hit the car.....
  12. when i was 17 i ran up the back of a parked car. it was summer. i was passing the ranwick uni and there was lots of good looking girls out. now thankfully i was in a car, my boss's car for that matter. any how after getting the piss taken out of me at work i was given some good advice that i still use today.

    ALWAS brake when you are not looking where you are going. this means you are allredy going slower and you are already applying the brake when you see a hazared ahead. well i was actuly told to brake when perving but this is how i interprited the advice.

    as for the damage, i wrote off my boss's car (gards, bonnet,grill,lights,engine all damaged) and i hit a parked volvo. it only had a crack in the tail light lenz. and thats after a 60 kph impact. i left a 2 metre black line from where i saw the car and braked.
  13. :shock: :eek: :LOL: :rofl:
  14. Yeah keep focused. I almost had my foot ran over by a truck cause i was in the same situation.
  15. A copper swung out in front of me the other day. I managed to dodge it just in time. Must of been my lucky day too