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Instant Karma's gonna get you L Plater.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by redrocket, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. A female work collegue came in to tell me what happened to her yesterday...
    she pulled out behind a L plater who was riding a 'purple bike' and noticed he was riding along with the side stand down!!! :shock:
    she pulled up next to him, pointing and yelling that his side stand was down... he flipped her the bird then turned left and high-sided it after the stand hit the ground, her last vision of him was in her rearview mirror, watching him try and pick his bike up. :LOL:
    sorry, but :LOL: :LOL:

    two things to take note:
    1) don't ride with your stand down
    2) someone shouting and pointing doesn't always mean they're abusing you.
  2. I shouldn't but.....

    Bwahahahahahahhahhahahahahah.... Noob...

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. I can picture the poor L plater thinking they are the dogs danglies with the dramatic exit, then wondering why they are on the ground. I bet they didn't even realise why they came off. Bikes that that have an engine cut out on the stand are cool. Mine doesn't, and I check several times to make sure its up.
  4. Tough lesson but I guess if he was picking the bike up he wasn't badly injured. That's one L plater who won't forget his sidestand again for a while. Are there many bikes out there these days without a safety cutout on the sidestand?
  5. Mine has one that never worked :p

    Yamahapat had one on his new WR250 which worked for the first couple of weeks till a few good stacks on the dirt took care of that.... :p
  6. lol, Poor learner.

    But serves him right for not listening and just assuming.
    He could of saved himself the imbarrassment.
  7. I was going ask the same Q about the cut out switch. Maybe it was an old old bike ?

    Anyway, yes, the L Plater should have listened. I wonder if he/she was able to work out later what the girl in the car was trying to tell him/her ????
  8. My bike, '97 F650 is 'supposed' to have acut out switch, but it must be 'faulty' as it dont cut out.
    Not a bad idea though but I have never ridden off with the stand down (yet), have ridden off (not very far) without the Givi topbox locked in place and wondered what the hell that noise was ! :?
  9. Would ahve made a great vid :)

    If my stand is down and whack it in gear the bike cuts out.
  10. That's priceless. Some people just shouldn't ride bikes, for their own sake.
  11. Me too, I shouldn't laugh because if it didn't that might have been me. :roll:

    Oh I can laugh someone tried to help him, wake up mate not everyones an a hole. Very rude :evil:
  12. Man, i remember when i thought my bike was broken cause it wouldnt start then after fcuking ages i realised that motorbikes had safety issues and it has to be up for the bike to start :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. mine cuts out when its put into gear.. i was really getting pissed off at the bike once cause it kept doing it.. so i tried to roll it to get it going, lifted the stand, and away it went.. took me fuggen ages to figure out what the hell was going on hahaha.

    as for the rest of the post.. sure he shouldnt have been rude.. but how often do you see someone trying to do you a favour as opposed to being rude? so i can understand him being a little defensive.. and its not like he got off and took her mirror or anything.. at the end of the day, i dont like to hear abou ANY rider down.. cause it could be me next.

    still would have looked funny though.
  14. Who knows she may have been tailgating him for ages trying to tell him.....tailgaters deserve the bird

    As for sidestand down i hope all new bikes have it? Its very dangerous, heard of a story of a racer who died cause of it since the racebikes don't have sidestands